Hella Hemp - Jumbo lip Balm

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"If your lips are parched and your mouth is often dry this is the lip balm for you. Our unisex formula is light weight with minimal shine and mega moisture! Hemp oil is an extract from the cannabis plant, but contains no psychoactive elements. It has long been praised for it's skin healing benefits and its ability to improve skin conditions like eczema and rosacea. It penetrates deep to hydrate and heal cracked skin beautifully. As a naturally calming oil, it soothes irritation and helps reveal fresh new layers of skin. Coconut oil softens and adds antibacterial properties to this amazing lip savior. Cocoa butter gives this lip balm it's smooth texture and soft, chocolatey aroma... so we had to add a dash of peppermint oil to that for a light minty tingle." - Camille of Cocofusions

product details:
- 1 oz jumbo sized tin.
- Ingredients:?cocoa butter, organic hemp oil, fractionated coconut oil, virgin coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin e, peppermint essential oil. - Handmade in Hayward, CA.

artist: Cocofusions

Hella Hemp - Jumbo lip Balm


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