Decor Tape - Stripe

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Decor Tape is a tape made from traditional Japanese washi paper (rice paper). It's super-versatile and can be used for a million different projects, from simply sealing envelopes, labeling your homemade jams, or creating a handmade frame or piece of art. It's up to you! 

Decor Tape is a bit different from your regular Scotch tape; you can tear it by hand, and the fiber contained in washi paper leaves a distinctive soft but irregular edge.

This style features modern diagonal stripes. Get two different designs to create a layered look!

product details:
- Tape is 1/2 inch wide and 50 inches long
- Made in Japan

artist: Magnote
Decor Tape - Stripe


Decor Tape - Stripe Decor Tape - Stripe Decor Tape - Stripe