Commando Dad: New Recruits

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This essential guide to pregnancy offers everything the expecting father needs to know in the run-up to the birth, or "deployment day." Packaged like an army training manual and written in guy-friendly, no-nonsense military speak, it presents month-by-month overviews of the baby's development, the lowdown on pregnancy symptoms, tips for supporting the mom-to-be, a guide to prenatal care, and what to expect during labor and beyond. With expert advice, easy-to-follow information, and commentary from other first-time fathers, it's the go-to reference for the dad-to-be who wants to prepare himself—mentally, physically, and emotionally—for the arrival of his new recruit.

product details:
- Book measures 6 x 8 inches.
- 192 page paperback
- Written by Neil Sinclair, full time dad living in London, England.
- Printed by Chronicle Books.

artist: Chronicle Books

Commando Dad: New Recruits


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