Cabernet 2 oz Candle

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Cabernet is inspired by the beautiful Napa Valley, and is sure to become a favorite of wine lovers! This fragrance showcases a blend of ripe grape, bitter orange, damp earth, and neroli.

product details:
- Made with clean-burning, American-grown soy wax, cotton/paper wicks and essential oils of grapevine/bitter orange.
- For best candle performance, let the wax melt all of the way to the edges for the first burn. This can take several hours, but ensures that the wax will melt completely on future burns. The wick should be trimmed to 1/8" before lighting.
- Tins will become hot, so please allow to cool completely before handling.
- Brushed gold tins are reusable and recyclable, just wash with warm soapy water.
- Handmade in Oakland, CA

artist: Illuminati Waxworks

Cabernet 2 oz Candle


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