Core Team


Matt, Head Mouse

Matt (the Shark) Ortega is an Oakland "loakal" that's been pinballing between the Town & the Island for as long as he can remember. As of 2018, Alameda is home once again with his wife & cats. As a musician and artist of many trades, the East Bay art scene has always been his inspiration.

Outside of the Mouse, you may find Matt making art as Kuro-Same Arts, dropping "free art drops" around the East Bay, or wandering an Art Walk. When not doing artistic things, he's likely out on an adventure with Mynt, reading comics, gardening, or playing D&D and other games with friends. 

Matt's favorite Modern Mouse Artists: Imagine That!, The Girl & Rhino, Dave Pollot Art, Fox & Moon Tea, Foreignspell, and Cyberoptix.

Mynt, Head Mouse

Mynt Ortega originally hails from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. She moved to the East Bay when she was 9 and currently resides in Alameda. She’s a brilliant artist, loving wife, and crazy cat mama! 

In her spare time, you will probably find her doing something artistic or reading a new book. Some of her other favorite activities include traveling to fun new places with her hubby, trying out new recipes, and creating Excel spreadsheets!

Mynt’s favorite Modern Mouse Artists: gabrielle | made, Timmy Mays, Flat Toothpick, CatsTwentyTwo and many more!

Ha, Lil' Mouse

Ha Hoang grew up on in an island district located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She moved to Alameda, yet another island, at the age of eight! She is currently studying at Diablo Valley College and is planning to transfer to a UC in SoCal to earn her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. 

While not at the Mouse, Ha likes to go out and explore everything from local coffee shops to scenic hiking trails. She also enjoys photography, sewing, and cooking in her spare time, as well as learning about different cultures and simply scrolling through her social life.

Ha's favorite Modern Mouse Artists: Blue Q, Tomoko Maruyama, and Rachel Austin.

Mousin' Around Since: August 2018

Amethyst Mouse

Marybeth, Amethyst Mouse

Marybeth Soriano was born in Oakland, but spent her childhood in Alameda. She's a recent graduate of UCLA, earning her Bachelor's in Sociology! On top of this recent accomplishment, Marybeth plans on pursuing graphic design and fulfilling her life long dream of becoming an illustrator. 

When she's not at the Mouse, you may find Marybeth drawing, sewing up homemade blankets, or reading a good book. She also loves strolling through Target and going on adventures with friends. 

Marybeth's favorite Modern Mouse Artists: Le Petit Elefant, Everyday Love Art, Liz Langley, Christa Pierce, Bee's Knees Industries, and many more! 

Mousin' Around Since: September 2018

Backup Dancers

Trisha, Flower Mouse

Trisha Miller grew up in Alameda, so she's an Islander at heart! Recently graduated from California College of the Arts in Oakland with a Bachelor's Degree in Animation, she will soon be going for her Master's degree in Northern Ireland. She's also an avid illustrator and maker overall. Her current DIY obsession is making resin charms and designing t-shirts!

When not drawing, making, or at the Mouse, you'll probably find her playing video games online or watching cartoons with a nice cup of tea.

Trisha's favorite Modern Mouse artists: Rachel Austin, Decisions & Revisions, and Unpossible Cuts.

Moused Around: October 2016 - September 2018

Chrysteven, Crafty Mouse

Chrysteven Flores is from San Jose, but Oakland is her home and where her heart is. She is a mom of 5, and though many other things in life are always changing, her main focus is raising humans that don't suck.

When not involved with family life or at the Mouse, Chrysteven enjoys painting, reading, writing, and baking! Although she does love to cook, she usually doesn't end up eating what she makes. Anything and everything crafty is always close at hand, and she'll never back from a new adventure on a sunny day.

Chrysteven’s favorite Modern Mouse artists: Le Petit Elefant, Unpossible Cuts, and The Girl & Rhino.

Moused Around for Summer 2018


Jasmine, Misfit Mouse

Jasmine Woo was born and raised in Alameda. She is an amateur baker who enjoys baking cupcakes and cookies. As a true Islander local, she likes to roam around Alameda, Oakland and San Francisco, experiencing all of the culture this fantastic place called the Bay Area has to offer. Her main go to's are popping into many small locally owned cafes and shops.

Jasmine's favorite Modern Mouse Artists: Feathered Outlaw, Genevieve Santos, and Lisa Inez.

Moused Around: December 2016 - September 2017

Kara, Star Mouse

Kara, Star Mouse


Kara Perrino grew up living on the East Coast, spending many years in her hometown of Charlottesville, VA; however, she is originally from Santa Barbara, California! A mountain girl at heart, but a coastal living lover, she attended school in Charleston, SC before returning home to the blue ridge for a brief time and then jumped coasts with her partner in the summer of 2017. 

When she's not mousing around, you can find her nearby at a local coffee shop whipping up some latte art as a barista, or teaching kids theater with TYR in the evening. She enjoys using her downtime for crafting, making jewelry, swing dancing, practicing acro-yoga, biking, and cooking up some tasty food to enjoy over cartoons.

Kara's favorite Modern Mouse artists: Bees Knees Industries, Handmade Hill, Candlize, Ghoulie Girls, and Unpossible Cuts.

Moused Around: September 2017 - January 2018

Liz, aka "Pika Virus"

Elizabeth Lam is technically from Oakland, but she was always in Alameda or San Francisco growing up. She currently goes to SF State University as a Business Administration major, but also intends to incorporate her love of graphic design after finishing up the business aspect of her goals.

When she's not at Modern Mouse, you'll most likely find her defending the world from evil rubber duckies with her good-ducky army! Just kidding, she actually enjoys playing online video games, doing art-related activities (most recently: henna body art), learning new songs to sing, and just hanging out with friends & family.

Elizabeth's favorite Modern Mouse Artists: Le Petit Elefant, Blue Q, and Tomoko Maruyama.

Moused Around: February 2014 - June 2015


Allison Goyena was born and raised (and currently resides) in Oakland, but she spent most of her life doing things in Alameda. She's currently a student looking to transfer to San Jose State with a Business Administration major. She's rather passionate about things like writing, loving others, and crafting small DIY projects. She also finds great fulfillment in studying the Bible, spending time with good company, singing, and journaling about her greatest life-changing adventures.

If she's not at the Mouse, you'll probably find her studying at a cafe, buying way too many snacks at Trader Joe's, or huddled up with some tea and her journal at home.

Favorite artists: Speesheez, Le Petit Elefant, Pamela Baron, and Amy Rose Moore Illustration.

Moused Around: November 2015 - August 2016


Cindy, aka "Black Sheep Studio"


Cindy Gieng is a Bay Area native re-transplanted from UC Davis, where she majored in Art History and Studio Arts. A true lover of art, Cindy interned at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, where she worked with the art collection, helping to install/de-install in the gallery space and dreams of getting back to making oil paintings of everyday moments.

Outside of Modern Mouse, you're most likely to find Cindy hanging out with friends, exploring the Bay Area, wandering the aisles of Berkeley Bowl, knitting little gifts like socks and gloves, hitting local fairs, getting her creative fix on Etsy or just watering her tomato and basil plants.

Cindy's favorite Modern Mouse Artists: Botodesigns, 3 Fish Studios, and Flytrap.

Moused Around: July 2013 - October 2015

The OG Mouse


Eleen, aka "Mouse"

Eleen Hsu Agustin is an Alameda resident, maker of bags, and overall craft enthusiast who opened Modern Mouse in November 2009, selling the business to Matt & Mynt in 2017. During her amazing run as Head Mouse, Eleen poured herself into the store and garnered quite the fan base. Thanks to her and all of the current+past Mice, Modern Mouse is a great place for everyone to work, shop & sell.

Prior to opening the store, Eleen ran a self-titled online business selling handmade bags, pouches and pillows, called "Eleen. Good Stuff. Handmade." She now focuses her time and energy on raising her two little girls, as well as having epic adventures with her husband and family. Read all about Eleen passing the Mouse Torch to Matt & Mynt: Goodbye...and Hello!

Former Staff

Bridget, Anime Mouse

Bridget Kim, or "Bridge" for short, was born in Daly City, but spent most of her life in Oakland. She's currently finishing up her degree in Public Health, with a minor in Child & Adolescent Development at San Jose State University.

Outside of the Mouse, she enjoys taking scenic photographs, reading novels, and watching anime. Bridget is one of our first Summer temps, but we hope to see her back at the Mouse in the future! 

Bridget's favorite Modern Mouse artists: 57-33, Le Petit Elefant, and Everyday Love Art.

Moused Around for Summer 2018

Sara, Ninja Mouse

Sara Ho is an Alameda native and avid photographer. A bit of a social media junkie, she’s an avid photo-poster, but has trouble remembering to photograph her food before she eats it!

When she’s not at the Mouse, she’s likely to be found settling down with a good cookbook or searching for the perfect scoop of ice cream. She’s been known to have a food blog in the works, and is a self-proclaimed ninja master.

Sara’s favorite Modern Mouse Artists: 57-33, Unicorn Crafts, and I Heart Guts.

Moused Around: June 2016 - March 2017


Teagan Peevy has lived in Alameda for ten years-just over half of her life! She’s been drawing, writing poetry and crafting since childhood, but in recent years has adopted the meditative practice of weaving hats and scarves on a loom. Teagan has a passion for eating way too much food and spending all of her time sitting on her roof (either stargazing or taking in a fantastic view of the Oakland hills). She has loose plans about returning to school to finish up a degree in psychology and travelling the world at some point.

Outside of work, Teagan can be found taking walks through Alameda at all hours of the day, likely focusing far too much energy and mental space on an acute fascination with astrology.

Teagan’s favorite Modern Mouse Artists: Liberty Bottleworks, Amy Rose Moore, Studio Oiduts, and [un]possible cuts.

Moused Around: June 2015 - October 2016

Marguerite, aka "Bella Beads Originals"

For a time we had the pleasure of having one of our wonderful designers to thank for volunteering her time helping out at the store when we're in need: Marguerite from Bella Beads Originals

Moused Around: January 2012 - June 2016


Kelly, aka "YoCo"

Kelly Law is native to Alameda and is a Public Health major at UC Irvine. Her plethora of college jobs have included working as a nurse's assistant and answering crisis calls. Though an artist of many trades, she recently launched her greeting card line at Modern Mouse, KJLaw Arts!

When she's not working on new card designs, you may find her painting anything and everything that comes her way, reading a good book, working hard at the gym or playing guitar at home. She also loves baking delicious goodies for her favorite friends, family and Mice!

Kelly's favorite Modern Mouse Artists: Kayla Taron, Kuro-Same Arts, Cindy Gieng, and The Pickled Pumpkin.

Moused Around: July 2013 - February 2014

Polly, aka "Pcon"

Polly Conway is a creative dilettante with a love for anything handmade! Since graduating from California College of the Arts in 2007, she's been turning temping into a grand adventure, working at over 20 Bay Area companies, including Oracle, Genentech, an office with a beer vending machine, and one wild night playing bouncer at the Carnelian Room for a bunch of urologists.

Polly settled down at Modern Mouse for a good while, recommending the best in Bay Area handmade items, and pursuing her passions, writing and making awesome stuff! When not at Modern Mouse, Polly might be found gettin' cozy with a good book or her favorite crafty blogs, putting together daily posts for ReadyMade Magazine's website, sipping blackcurrant tea, or putting together a Pollyannacowgirl charm necklace serenaded by the sweet sounds of Law & Order in the background. 

Polly's favorite Modern Mouse Artists: Lemonade Handmade, Papaver Vert, and Crooked Sister.

Moused Around: February 2011 - March 2012


Gen, aka "Le Petit Elefant"

Genevieve Santos is an artist turned animator turned graphic designer turned back to artist and now...a fellow Modern Mouse! She's a wanderluster at heart, whose restlessness drives her to travel frequently and sporadically. She completed her personal goal of visiting 30 countries by 30 recently and picked up fabrics & inspiration along the way for her small business of artwork and crafts, Le Petit Elefant.

If you were to track Gen down outside of MM, you'd likely find her sewing plush elephants, sketching forts and treehouses and eating ice cream. She's usually off on some small adventure or business trip, vending at a craft fair or riding her bike through Los Angeles with a bike brigade. She also makes a mean homemade ice cream sandwich cookie. 

Gen's favorite Modern Mouse Artists: hello!Lucky, R&L Goods, and Yes & Yes Designs.

Moused Around: September 2011 - August 2012


Kayla Taron is a Pacific Northwest native and a country girl at heart. She majored in Fine Art at Western Washington University in 2009 and has a dream of someday writing/illustrating kids' books. Kayla spent the past year volunteering in the community in Oakland and practicing living minimally. Some of her favorite pastimes are eating grilled cheese sandwiches, reciting her dreams as soon as she wakes up, going for meandering walks in the woods and making up fantastical stories about strangers she sees in the city.

Now she spends her time biking around the Bay Area, looking for some inspiration. When she is not at MM, she is most likely to be found curled up with a novel (typically YA Action/Adventure), chilling with a good friend, heading to the waterfront, or messing around with paint and paper! 

Kayla's favorite Modern Mouse Artists: 3 Fish Studios (the Bear prints!!), Unicorn Crafts (the teeny earrings in bottles) and Yeah Hello (roses, flowers, colors!)

Moused Around: July 2012 - July 2013


Reagan Jones is an Alameda native who graced Modern Mouse with sunshine and smiles whenever she was around. She's got the enviable ability to chat it up with—and be genuinely interested in!—just about any visitor to the store, making all feel oh-so-welcomed and well attended to. While away from Modern Mouse, you're most likely to find Reagan either in bed, at the movies, reading a good book, chillin' with her friends at Santa Cruz, at a music festival, or dining out with dad!

Reagan's favorite Modern Mouse artists: fiftyseven-thirtythree, heidiroland and Yeah Hello

Moused Around: February 2010 - July 2013