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Once you become a Modern Mouse vendor, we'll work on getting connected with you online and we ask that you do the same. So go on, follow us on all the things! ;]


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Also also, we don't have an icon for it yet, but we're on Ello (ello.co/modernmousegifts)! Follow us on Ello. (Want an invite? Just email matt@modernmousegifts.com.)

    In-Store Events

    We're looking to host some special events at the store through the holidays. Interested in doing a trunk show, product demonstration, DIY workshop or other event at the shop? Contact matt [at!] modernmousegifts [dot!] com.

    Web Banners

    Grab a banner, and thanks for helping spread the word about Modern Mouse! Banner widths below are 160px, 250px and 540px. If you need a different size, please email shop [at!] modernmousegifts [dot!] com .

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