We work with independent artists, crafters and designers on a 50/50 consignment basis, with no additional fees. As we mentioned on Sell at Modern Mouse, our goal is to make the consignment partnership worth your while by providing a productive and nurturing environment in which to sell your products and promote your brand, and making it as easy as we can to consign with us. We know how busy you are doing all that you do!

Consignment Contract and Itemized Inventory Sheet

PC users: Right-click on the Consignment Agreement and Attachment 1 links below, and "Save Link As" to save to your computer. Mac users: Click on the links to Save File to your computer.
  • ModernMouse_ConsignmentAgreement_2014 (contract) Please fill out the agreement and either a) email back to me with a digital "signature" (typing in your name on the signature line will do the job) or b) send/drop off a printed copy with your signature.
  • Attachment 1: Consignment Inventory (itemized inventory spreadsheet) Please email me an electronic copy of this spreadsheet when or before you deliver your items. We use this spreadsheet to generate inventory tracking labels for each of your products.
Please don't hesitate to contact Eleen at eleen [at!] modernmousegifts [dot!] com if you have any questions.

Next Steps

  1. See instructions for Merchandise Prep and Delivery
  2. Send info for your personalized Artist Profile Card
  3. Connect w/ us online and download Modern Mouse web banners