Gift Ideas for Her: Jewelry

09 February, 2010 1 comments Leave a comment

We ladies love us some adornments, and Modern Mouse has got plenty of that to offer. From cutesy (e.g. Hello Kitty rings) to casual (e.g. ebony wood bead bracelets) to chic and sophisticated (e.g. ruby rosary necklaces), we've got a little bit of jewelry for just about everyone. Try a few of these on for size! Eighteen ideas for you, and much much more on our shelves! Ladies, feel free to use one of the "Drop 'Em a Hint" wishlist cards we've got in the store so that your Valentine knows exactly what you've got your eye on for Valentine's Day...and beyond! Clockwise, from top left:
  • Tiny Heart Stud Earrings, by Periphery Designs, $12
  • Love Pendant Necklace, by Everything Tiny, $20
  • Red Turquoise and Wood Bracelet, by Brooklyn Thread, $24
  • Panda Bums Ring, by steppie, $8
  • Peas in a Pod Necklace, by Mu Yin Jewelry, $34
  • Midnight Sakura Washi Necklace, by Sparkle Candy, $14
Clockwise, from top left:
  • Map Pendant Necklace, by Rachel Austin, $20
  • Game Piece Letter Pendant Necklace, by XO Handworks, $20
  • Circle Lovebirds Necklace, by Figs & Ginger, $45
  • Ruby Rosary Double-Strand Necklace, by Bella Beads Originals, $88
  • Hello Kitty Face Plate Ring, by Destination Design, $7
  • Cell Formation Necklace, by Emily P-S, $75
Clockwise, from top left:
  • Magenta Dahlia Laser-Cut Wool Felt Earrings, Feisty Elle, $28
  • Pink Heart Adjustable Ring, by Yeah Hello, $9
  • Anatomical Heart Pendant w/ tinted concrete, by Lulu Bug Jewelry, $56
  • Lovely Maidens All in a Row Necklace, by Unkamengifts, $16
  • Tiny Heart Fine Silver Pendant Necklace, by Lulu Bug Jewelry, $28
  • Vintage Heart Bracelet, by MaeBee Jewelry, $22
Looking for something other than jewelry? Coming up next in our Gift Guide series are more gift ideas for her, from some of our other departments. All of these fine goods — and more! — are available now at Modern Mouse in Alameda. Come on down! Also find fabulous gifts for yourself from this amazing set of designers while you’re there. Photo credits: Product images in this post are courtesy of the individual artists listed above.


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    Such lovely choices for her!!! :D
    Celeste (Crickets)

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