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18 November, 2009 0 comments Leave a comment

Assemble a nice big collection of super-awesome products, check. Open shop, check. Throw a grand opening party, check! ( Photos from that bit o' fun soon. :] ) Take a breather...NO CHECK! A breather? Who's got the time?! Holidays are around the corner, homies! That makes it our job to be fast and furious in bringing in new good stuff. So we're as pleased as can be to welcome with open arms, this new set of designers to Modern Mouse! Be on the lookout for our announcements when their items hit our shelves, along with a designer profile introducing each one of them to you individually.
  • buttercupbloom :: thoughtful upcycling :: San Francisco, CA
  • Colette Kids :: Unisex. Modern. Hip. :: San Francisco, CA
  • inklore :: ink with a story :: San Jose, CA
  • My Friend Amy :: little things that make you happy! :: Campbell, CA
  • steppie :: artist + designer. :: Diamond Bar, CA
  • Unkamen Gifts :: from an uncommon family :: Livingston, TX
some of our newest designers


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