ARCHICRAFT at Modern Mouse!

04 November, 2009 0 comments Leave a comment

Man, it was tough picking the ARCHICRAFT product to feature in this post. Do we go with the awesome, shiny laser-cut acrylic doilies? The carefully crocheted mobius cowls with built-in twist?! Or what about the customizable laser-cut card where you can pop out the dots to create your own message?! But augh! Then we wouldn't get to highlight the product that makes us laugh the most: the hand-embroidered mustache bandana! Ah ha ha ha haaaa... [caption id="attachment_305" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="Mustache Bandana by Archicraft"][/caption] Emeryville's Cindy Liu is the designer and fabricator behind ARCHICRAFT, and she puts her architecture schooling to use in her cleverly designed crafts to bring to us a variety of fun products like the ones we've mentioned. It's no wonder ARCHICRAFT won an Editor's Choice Award at Maker Faire this year! Congrats and thanks and welcome, ARCHICRAFT! » also see our full roster of designers


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