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31 May, 2011 0 comments Leave a comment

Who says letters are a lost art? Los Angeles artist Victoria Vu delivers a return to good ol' fashioned correspondence with her lovely line of paper goods, Paper & Type. In the age of emailed thank yous and texted "I love yous" (which are totally fine, but you know), it's extra special to get a little handwritten note . Using natural colors and designs that remind us of old-timey fountain pen on fancy parchment, Paper & Type's notecards, planners, and envelopes are modern and irreverent enough to be totally awesome, but in a tradition that would make Miss Manners proud! Vu believes so firmly in the art of letter-writing that she's a proud member of an LA-based pen pal club where folks get together to make super-cute notes and fun treats to send to pen pals. (Wanna join? Check her beautiful blog for deets. I want to join!) We're more than pleased to carry Paper & Type products here at Modern Mouse; and we might have to send a thank-you note to Victoria telling her so! The Paper & Type story: The inclination towards a paper venture began with my father, who opened print shop in Menlo Park and passed along typesetting skills (of all things). Fast forward through a move to Los Angeles, a bit of school, a degree in architecture and my first real job, to April 2008: when Paper & Type was conceived with a simple set of greeting cards and a custom wedding invitation for some marrying friends. I've been steadily building P&T ever since – expanding the range of projects, collaborating with fellow artists, and doing craft fairs in Los Angeles and San Francisco. In my other life: Currently I still work as an architect, part-time. While balancing both jobs hasn't always been easy, I do enjoy the parallels in the design processes of paper goods and buildings! Did you know... I simply can't follow the Design*Sponge blog.  It's got too much good stuff. I also go by... Victo, V or VV.


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