Crafty Recap: Monogrammed Doily Totebags

24 May, 2011 0 comments Leave a comment

(Crafty Hour happens each month at Modern Mouse from 5-7 PM on second Thursdays! Look out for the next one...come and craft with us!) The merry, merry month of May brought yet another successful Craft Night to Modern Mouse's backroom workspace! Taught by resident Mouse and assistant manager Christina Chen, the Monogrammed Doily Totebag workshop quickly filled up with excited crafters ready to doilify some plain old canvas totebags. We quickly got down to business, but first, there were snacks to be had. No Modern Mouse Craft Night would be complete without a tiered selection of tasty snacks, not to mention a variety of complimentary beverages! (Crafting and snacking: two great tastes that taste great together!) Yeah, this is how we roll. Christina, our fearless leader and beacon of light (she's practically glowing!) The little details of each doily turned out so nicely with the black fabric paint. It was hard to mess this project up unless you got a little paint-happy (once I was gently advised to use a leeetle less paint, my results improved considerably). Hard at work! Each bag came out better than the last; one attendee got ambitious and made three! I love the different styles. If you weren't able to make it this month, here's the tutorial we used; it's a great project to do at home (older kids can craft along too!), the supplies are inexpensive and it's pretty addictive once you get into the doily zone. Also, want to make sure you know the details of our upcoming events? Sign up for our newsletter or "like" the Modern Mouse Facebook page. We'd totally love to see you at the next Craft Night!


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