Artist Profile: Reinhardt Designs

29 March, 2011 0 comments Leave a comment

Alamedan Cece Reinhardt is one skilled upcycler: as the crafty mind behind Reinhardt Designs, she turns stuff destined for the landfill into rugged accessories in the blink of an eye! Using rubber from old bike tubes and bits of lush leather, Reinhardt Designs specializes in unisex arm cuffs that add an ultra-hip touch to your favorite LBD or jeans 'n t-shirt combo. Cece and her partner are also incorporating creative reuse into another huge project: "greening" an Airstream trailer for a cross-country journey this summer. How cool is that? You can follow their progress and learn about green living at Off the Grid, the blog chronicling their adventures. Talk about living the dream! We're looking forward to the journey. The Reinhardt Designs Story: At the heart of Reinhardt Designs is a commitment to sustainability.  I seek to tread lightly on this earth in my design and my life.  Materials are locally sourced after a full, functional life.  Each bicycle tube has been cleaned - leather trimmed and prepped - the final repurposed products are industrial and hip arm cuffs and key chains.  Support creative reuse! In my other life… My partner and I are embarking on a lifestyle overhaul.  We are remodeling our Airstream travel trailer with solar power, a composting toilet and other green features.  We are converting the diesel truck to run on waste veggie oil.  We are gearing up to travel the U.S. and Canada to promote sustainable living, all in our green home on wheels.  Our mission is to be an educational resource for simple, environmentally-friendly living, building community, and having fun! A few things we're passionate about: Gardening Bicycling country roads Bird watching Wood working - making garden beds, book shelves, etc. Yard sales, vintage finds Airstreams


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