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22 March, 2011 1 comments Leave a comment

What's the fun of having a cute jewelry collection if you don't have an awesome way to display it? More often than not, our favorite pieces disappear into the dark regions of a box, not to be seen for years, or at least until they're out of style. Fortunately for people like me, Kristie Garafola of KikiBella has come to the rescue with her ingenious storage solutions that are both beautiful and helpful. Using "poke-friendly," limited edition Japanese fabrics, Kikibella jewelry organizers look like pieces of art that just happen to be fully functional. The Kikibella Story: One day after moving into a new apartment, I was unpacking my jewelry and the makeshift storage pieces I'd created over the years (a scarf here, a box there), when I realized that it didn't look great or work well for me. I decided to upgrade and look for something stylish and functional- but after much searching- I just couldn't find anything out there. Why not? Why was this such a tough thing to find? It was like Goldilocks in search of the perfect porridge. This contraption is too small, this one is too bulky, this one looks cheesy and cheap, this one only holds small pieces.... you get the picture. Granted, I had a lot of jewelry. A LOT. oodles. But, I knew I couldn't be the only one in this situation. And since I knew what I wanted and couldn't find it, it was natural to me to create it myself. My mission became focused on creating something practical and playful; something that complimented the decor instead of detracting from it - jewelry storage designed as art. After a lot of trial and error, with feedback from my fabulous lady friends and lots research to find the most unique fabric and trimmings I could, the current set of KikiBella products were born! In my other life… In my other life I am a support manager for a software company.  It seems so far removed from the world crafting, but the balance of technical and creative outlets is very satisfying to me!  I've learned a lot through the years working in support and thus have a huge focus on ensuring my customers are satisfied and happy. Did you know? I stumbled into my focus on using Japanese Fabrics by accident. I was passing a fabric store that was going out of business one day and the owner had bags and scraps that I purchased. I tested them, researched the designers and fell madly in LOVE. It's been a minor obsession ever since. KikiBella has been featured on Etsy, a few design sites & professional organizers' blogs! I’ve also been known to answer to… Kiki has been my nickname since I was a baby, so I was quite happy to be able to incorporate it into my business name.  Bella is also a nickname and is used as an affectionate term between my closest friends.  It is also a nod to my mother and best friend, whose names both mean 'beautiful' in different languages.  I love being able able to incorporate a piece of them into KikiBella, as they've been so supportive along the way.


  1. Fashionista Librarian January 15, 2015

    Beautiful product.

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