Show Your Studio: ink & water

10 October, 2010 0 comments Leave a comment

Let's visit ink & water! [caption id="attachment_1237" align="alignnone" width="225" caption="ink & water workspace"][/caption] name and hideout location: ink & water, Carla Fisher Schwartz, Oakland, California what do you create? I make hair accessories and pins out of vintage fabric and felt. where do your dreams become reality? Technically, I work from the little desk/ workspace in my bedroom, but due to the inevitable chaos of my life and exploding closet, I can typically be found perched upon a pile of fabric and clothes on the floor or couch. how do you keep your hideout organized? I enjoy organizing my fabric in bundles by color and size in milkcrates.  I also have a mild obsession with metal boxes and collect them in varying sizes, in which I like to arrange all my smaller crafting things. I can't live without... Hot glue guns are just awesome.  I also recently discovered the existence of a cordless battery -run glue gun, which now enables me to hot glue in locations where such a feat was once impossible, like on road trips and in public parks. in my dreams: My dream studio would have lots of clean white surfaces to work on, uncluttered by papers and precariously balanced liquids. And skylights and comfy chairs.  And that food synthesizer machine from Star Trek. But this would do: Camilla Engman's work space this keeps me going and gets me inspired: Currently, I am obsessed with the RadioLab podcast.  I can listen to it for hours and hours while working on projects.


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