Monsters, Aprons, and Screenprints – Oh, my!: Reagan's Gift Guide

08 October, 2010 0 comments Leave a comment

The lovely, fun, and funny Reagan shares a few of her favorite things! [caption id="attachment_1225" align="alignnone" width="512" caption="Clockwise from left to right: Monster Wallet by Ghoulie Girls :: Knit Cuff by Ohmay Designs :: Linocut Print by 3 Fish Studios :: Air Plant by Tortoise Loves Donkey :: Aprons by littlebirds"][/caption] Check it out: I have fallen helplessly in love with our new line of monster products, designed exclusively by Ghoulie Girls. I seriously cannot even begin to explain how awesome this stuff is.  From hair pieces, to stuffies, wallets to totes, I am simply mesmerized by this line.  I love my monster headband so much; I always wear it on days that I am feeling a bit grouchy.  So far, this trick has surprisingly successfully turned my mood around every time!  My next mission is to special order my very own monster wallet.  Super functional, they have tons of slots inside for organization!  Love, Love, Love the little monster buddies!  Come see for yourself! One thing I absolutely cannot wait to do once I finally move out of my parent’s house (that’ll be the day) is DECORATE my very own space!  My future monster wallet will be very hungry at this time seeing as I will be spending all of my dough on tons of stuff here at mouse, namely 3 fish studios original prints.  See I’ve kind of got this thing for robots (any fellow robot obsessed folks need to get there tooshie’s in here asap) and 3 fish studios knows how to slap a smile on my face or, on my future wall for that matter.  All of this talk of the future though, there’s no time like the present.  These robot prints need happy homes, come and collect. Tired of digging through that ‘I take it all with me’ bag for your credit/I.d./library/gas card?  Boy, have I got a treat for you.  OhMay glove cuffs, people.  So adorable, and so elating!  Take a load off of your mind and have your cards at the ready.  No more stumbling around while people are progressively getting more irritated behind you in line, seeing as you will have everything imperative to a speedy exit right at your fingertips.  Literally. One thing I want to be more knowledgeable about in my life is the art of feng shui.  I do know one thing however, and that is to surround your living space with nature as much as possible.  As someone who absolutely loves nature, I of course love our tiny terrariums.  We recently were replenished with our tiny shell terrariums by Tortoise Loves Donkey.  Adding a splash of nature always makes me feel at ease and these shell terrariums make me say Ahhhhhh, life is good.  Another perk of these little guys… any color thumb flies.  They require a few droplets of H20 once a week.  Growing beauty without the pain?  Yes please. So I may not be the best at making things that require an apron yet (salads are my one and only specialty) but hey, doesn’t mean I can’t sport an awesomely cute apron while chopping and throwing!  We now feature incredibly flirty and fun aprons made by little birds.  Super cute patterns and a flattering shape ;)  It really will not be hard to look cute in the kitch after throwing one of these on!  Sure would be a nice change from the frumpy Starbucks apron I’m wearing more than anything else in my wardrobe. Stay tuned for Part 2!


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