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A splash of vintage and a cool dash of modern minimalism - Blockhead Press screenprints are just that! And there’s something for everyone, from cute latte stuffies to stylin’ skull belt buckles. Here at Modern Mouse we’ve been taking turns rocking out on the awesome Flying V and Stratocaster guitar stuffies. We love Blockhead Press “a latte”!! [caption id="attachment_776" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Linocut Latte Stuffie by Blockhead Press"]Latte Stuffie[/caption]

The Blockhead Press Story Blockhead Press is a Petaluma-based printing operation owned and operated by me, Jennifer Ruffing Paisley. Blockhead Press offers simple, crisp (and often humorous) graphics on a variety of items including household items, cards, prints, and bags as well as unique products such as belt buckles and graphic paintings. All of Blockhead Press’s work is imagined in my personal noggin and then 100% handcrafted.

Each image originates in a linocut – a hand-carved sheet of linoleum, which is then inked and printed on to a substrate (this is often called relief printing). I started printing more than twenty years, when my dad offered me his old linocutting tools and a few blocks (he had been into linocuts 20 years earlier). I loved it and printed various things for the next several years, but it wasn't until my kids were born that I really began printing regularly and obsessively. The craft offered me the flexibility of working in stops and starts, which was necessary with young kids, but was not possible with painting, my primary artistic outlet at the time. Since that time, I've learned to screenprint, which has opened up a whole new frontier for my images.

In my other life… My left brain works part-time in the affordable housing industry for low-income seniors. It's a tangled web, but challenging and fun on a geek level.

Did you know? I live with four boys at home - two sons, one husband, and a papillion/pomeranian mix. The only other girls around are our three hens - Princess Leia Eggwalker, Madame Ovary, and Yoko Eggo.

I've also been known to answer to... Just mommy and sweetheart, and the occasional unmentionables.

[caption id="attachment_783" align="aligncenter" width="400" caption="Jenny Paisley - Petaluma, CA"]Jenny Paisley - Petaluma, CA[/caption]


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