Artist Profile: Melinda Mae Handbags

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One word: adorable. Melinda Mae's handbags boast the most awesome prints (oh, if only we could justify having one for every day of the week!), come in the most functional and cute of sizes, and are carefully handmade to boot! Okay, now we're just gushing, we can't help it... [caption id="attachment_625" align="alignnone" width="320" caption="Wrislets by Melinda Mae Handbags"][/caption] The Melinda Mae Handbags Story I have loved crafts since I was a little girl and had fun making various projects with my sewing machine. It wasn't until many years later that I realized that I could make some fun handbags for myself that would help compliment my personality and show my unique style. So I started to make handbags that people could display their one of a kind personalities by using fabrics with vibrant colors and patterns. My handbags are also very functional and versatile in which I made specifically for "playful days and soulful nights". In my other life… Sexual Health Educator Did you know? I love reminiscing about past memories and  funny moments so I am always inspired by retro prints and patterns that remind me of fun times. I’ve also been known to answer to… Mel, Mello, sillysunshine =) [caption id="attachment_613" align="alignnone" width="320" caption="Melinda Mae - Fremont, CA"][/caption]


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