Sweet Meats at Modern Mouse!

20 October, 2009 0 comments Leave a comment

Everything tastes better with bacon, right? Especially when it's from the Sweet Meats plush toy collection of bacon, t-bone steaks, pork chops and hambones. Hambones! Now you can wrap yourself in bacon โ€” or any of the other meats โ€” like you know you've always wanted to. We're so in love with each and every piece of sweet meat and are happy as pigs in mud to be carrying some of each at Modern Mouse! meatmedleyplushtoys Sweet Meats are the brainchild of Lauren Venell of San Francisco, who can often be seen at local craft fairs like Bazaar Bizarre and Renegade Craft Fair, where we first met her. Lauren's a product designer with butchers on both sides of her family. Ah, that explains it! We love not only the meaty concept of these plush toys, but also the fact that all Sweet Meats are made from 100% recycled, super cuddly fleece, and colored with recycled dye materials. So not only will your doctor approve of you consuming unlimited amounts of these Sweet Meats, but the planet will too! Thanks for adding all this meaty goodness to our collection, Sweet Meats, and welcome! ยป See our full roster of designers at Meet the Designers.


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