Mu-Yin Jewelry at Modern Mouse!

19 October, 2009 1 comments Leave a comment

I feel like we should stop with the exclamations in all the post titles, but it's just too exciting not to exclaim! So without further ado... muyin_pendant We're beaming with pleasure to welcome Mu-Yin Jewelry to Modern Mouse! Self-taught jewelry artist Mu-Yin Mollie Chen spends her days (and many nights, and weekends) in her Charleston, South Carolina studio handcrafting each and every piece you see in her shop. Her pieces are made from the most amazing collection of beautifully colored freshwater pearls and natural gemstones, which she's amassed by traveling to China every year just to pick and choose them for herself. Now that's TLC, friends! You'll love the vibrant colors, often simple yet meticulous construction and delicate balance between wire and pearls/gemstones in Mu-Yin Jewelry's pieces. We can't wait to put them on display! Thanks so much, Mu-Yin Jewelry! » See our full roster of designers at Meet the Designers.


  1. Marianne from MaeBee January 15, 2015

    Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see these in person at Modern Mouse!

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