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Gift Guide: Soak in the Summer!

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We've got Summer about you? We see you climbing up high in the trees, getting some tasty street food, taking a bike ride around town, hitting the beach, and just soaking up the sun! When the sun rises early and sets late, it's time to be out and about. These gifts will inspire your next fun adventure!
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July Crafty Hour: Fabric Magnet Makefest!

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[caption id="attachment_2128" align="alignnone" width="580" caption="Fabric Covered Magnets, photo courtesy of Sweeter Lemon"]fabric magnet makefest at modern mouse[/caption] About to throw away all your fabric scraps? Save 'em and turn them into a fun set of stylish fabric magnets instead! Keep it simple or get a little fancy - your imagination's the limit! And we've got the tools to go either way. Led by the Mouse herself, Mrs. Eleen Hsu Agustin.
  • July Crafty Hour, Thursday 7/14 from 5-7pm
  • Refreshments and drinks provided.
  • $5 suggested donation to offset the cost of supplies.
  • RSVP on Facebook!
Bring your own scraps, any cute little rubber stamps you may have, or just use ours! Please let us know you're coming so we can be sure to have plenty to go around. [caption id="attachment_2155" align="alignnone" width="585" caption="Hand stamped magnets by Memi the Rainbow"][/caption] No rubber stamps, you say? Heck you can even cut care labels right out of your shirts and make these clever little things! [caption id="attachment_2129" align="alignnone" width="576" caption="Care Label Magnets, photo courtesy of undoneclothing"][/caption] { who } Mrs. Mouse herself will be hosting this month's Crafty Hour. Come one, come all! { what } Fabric magnets, what else?! Fabric-covered button magnets, if you wanna get technical about it. Eleen will demonstrate a couple different varieties you can make, and the rest is up to your imagination. Feel free to bring your own supplies, or just share ours. If you have fabric scissors, we highly encourage you to bring them so there’s enough to go around. Otherwise we’ll supply the materials (fabric, glue, covered buttons, magnets, rubber stamps, etc), along with light snacks and beverages! { when } Thursday 7/14/11 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Please RSVP so we’re sure to have enough space and supplies. { where } Modern Mouse 2228-A South Shore Center Alameda, CA 94501 510-814-8830 { why } Because making stuff is fun. { how } You'll see, just RSVP!

Artist Profile: Molletta Design

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Molletta Design definitely has their finger on the pulse of what makes the Bay Area tick. Bikes? Check. Moustaches? Check. Mustaches for bikes? Double check. That's right; Modern Mouse now carries a variety of felt facial hair for your currently clean-shaven bicycle, as well as the rest of Molletta Design's line of velo-related products. One of the great things about living in sunny California is that there's rarely an excuse to stay off your bike, and the bike culture that thrives here is like no other (take a walk/ride down San Francisco's Valencia Street for proof). We're happy to welcome co-designers Melissa and Ignazio Lacitignola to the Modern Mouse famiglia! The Moletta Design story: In our studio, you will find us – Ignazio and Melissa. Ignazio is an industrial and graphic designer from Milan with a great fashion sense and a really awesome accent and Melissa is a graphic designer/photographer from San Francisco and is still in love with bikes even after being hit by a car while on her daily cycling commute to the office. We are married and living in San Francisco, CA in front of the Golden Gate Park, and life couldn't get much better than us. In my other life... In Melissa'a other life she is the Community Orchestrator for Delivering Happiness helping spread the movement of happiness by building out a solid passionate communities of people with the same goal in mind – happiness. And Ignazio is a freelance web graphic/user interface designer. Did you know... Did you know that everything we sell is 100% handmade? Not only handmade, these bad boys are HOMEmade, too. ‘Cause that’s where we make them. In our home. With the same creativity and passion that your mom uses to make chocolate chip cookies. So, you could say that we make homemade chocolate chip cookies for bikes, but then everyone would get confused. Follow Molletta on Twitter and make sure to give their Facebook fan page a big ol' like!

Crafty Recap: Felted Friends

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(Crafty Hour happens each month at Modern Mouse from 5-7 PM on second Thursdays! Look out for the next one...come and craft with us!) Another month, another Craft Night! A happy crowd spent a warm summer eve right here at Modern Mouse learning to needle felt (which means making stuff from bits of wool roving). Folks took to it so quickly, they moved right past the initial practice round and went right for the big guns; by the end of the night, we had a rose, a bunny, a tiny carrot, a wizard, and a heck of a lot of mushrooms. Needle felting is a great craft to do in a small space; it doesn't take a ton of supplies and it's very manageable. Above you can see what you'll need: a serrated needle, a felting pad, some colorful selections of wool roving (these can be found at your local craft or yarn shop), and imagination! Basically, the process involves poking the roving with the needle until the fibers are pulled together and the wool starts to look like your chosen shape. Everyone poked themselves at least once; it's a felting rite of passage. Ouch! We started with making round balls, then progressed to, well, you'll see. Look at all these fabulous little creations! And now for a little gentleman that I can't quite get out of my head: Yeah, this guy exists now. It was fun to watch this go from a black pellet to a full-fledged wizard; that's one of the best things about felting. A lot can happen in an hour, and it's very satisfying. Want to give needle felting a try? We took some inspiration from Tiny Apartment Crafts' tutorial; but there are lots of resources and cute patterns online. Once you get started, you'll be hooked. And if you'd like to attend our next craft night or have a suggestion on an activity you'd like to see featured, find Modern Mouse on Facebook or sign up for our monthly newsletter.

DIY Crafty Corner at Modern Mouse!

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Here at Modern Mouse, we've corralled some of the most creative minds in the Bay Area and beyond to keep our little shop stocked with exciting handmade gifts. But we've got a sneaking suspicion that you've got some serious creative skills as well; that's why our crafty corner exists! Crafty corner, you say? Why, yes! We've got supplies that will get you started with all kinds of different crafts, including  jewelry making, sewing, wooden person painting, and more! Let's take a little tour: Over in our crafty corner, you'll find a handful of wooden figures from My Friend Amy that are ready for your creative touch. With a little paint and patience, you can transform a naked wooden peg into a new best friend! Before... And after... These are great to do as a family craft; I painted a whole box full with my little brother (so what if we're both in our 30's?) and had a fantastic time. For your fabric projects, Tantalizing Stitches has outfitted Modern Mouse with all manner of metal needs! Keychains, D-rings for belts or animal collars, you name it, we have it. If you're looking for ideas, try Bubbles and Boo's fabric basket kits; they come with everything you need to sew your own basket. We've even got a nice little fabric section, carrying a fine selection of the chic and just plain fun Echino line from Japan (where the best fabrics are made, in my humble opinion!). Placemats would be a simple and functional activity; here's a tutorial to get you started. So come on down and check out how we can help you get a project started; who knows, you may be selling your amazing designs in the near future!

Artist Profile: PaperWheel Press

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We're enchanted by the perfectly printed designs from PaperWheel Press! Designer Elizabeth Weil is another of the multi-talented folks that we're proud to know;  her current labor of love is PaperWheel's fantastic card line. Combining old-school letterpress skills with hilariously geeky commentary, PaperWheel cards are ideal for the person who might check their email thirty times a day (sometimes you gotta, man!), but still knows how to keep it real. You can follow Elizabeth's inky Tweets at @paperwheel, and you can find her cards adorning the shelves right here at Modern Mouse. The Paperwheel Press story: Paperwheel Press is a letterpress print studio nestled in the green hills of Portola Valley, California.  Elizabeth Weil, the founder, has combined her passions for hand-crafted tactile letterpress printing and the lasting art of snail mail to create simple yet impactful greeting cards and extraordinary custom designs. Paperwheel Press lets Elizabeth express her creative and entrepreneurial spirit she honed during years working in the Silicon Valley at three start ups and in venture capital. Elizabeth’s focus on the things that make her smile has led to the the completion of more than twenty ultramarathons and to the creation of Paperwheel Press.  You might catch Elizabeth out running a trail covered in mud or home in fuzzy slippers happily cooking and planning the next memorable dinner party.  Paperwheel Press is a reflection of the little things that make up Elizabeth. In my other life...
  • Undergraduate degree in Economics and Masters in Engineering from Stanford University.  Spent the last 5 years in Venture Capital.  Blah.  :)
  • Current day job: Head of Culture and Internal Marketing at twitter.
  • Paperwheel Press, by night, by weekend, by love, and by exhaustion.  :)
Did you know...
  • My Chandler and Price letterpress is a 1923 model.  I call him "Roflcopter."  Not sure why, I just like to say the word.
  • I hand mix all of my ink.  I love the feeling of mixing, inking the press, and then having the impression come out as a MOST-PERFECT match to the envelope or color I am trying to coordinate with.
  • On the cold days in my letterpress studio, I wear a knitted ski hat with a fuzzy ball on the top.
I also go by... Wibbis.  When I was just starting to speak as a baby, I couldn't pronounce "Elizabeth," so I called myself "Eeeee-Wibbis."  So now my husband calls me Wibbis.  :) I have finally gotten rid of the Elizabeth nickname my sister, Heather, tortured me with: "Lizard-Breath."

Gift Guide: Happy Father’s Day!

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Dad's truly one-of-a-kind, which is why he'll love these unique handmade and eco-friendly gifts! Find fun and functional presents he'll enjoy from art to apparel to housewares. And tell him how much you care with stand-out Father's Day cards like this "Elephants" card by note-ify!
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Artist Profile: Paper & Type

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Who says letters are a lost art? Los Angeles artist Victoria Vu delivers a return to good ol' fashioned correspondence with her lovely line of paper goods, Paper & Type. In the age of emailed thank yous and texted "I love yous" (which are totally fine, but you know), it's extra special to get a little handwritten note . Using natural colors and designs that remind us of old-timey fountain pen on fancy parchment, Paper & Type's notecards, planners, and envelopes are modern and irreverent enough to be totally awesome, but in a tradition that would make Miss Manners proud! Vu believes so firmly in the art of letter-writing that she's a proud member of an LA-based pen pal club where folks get together to make super-cute notes and fun treats to send to pen pals. (Wanna join? Check her beautiful blog for deets. I want to join!) We're more than pleased to carry Paper & Type products here at Modern Mouse; and we might have to send a thank-you note to Victoria telling her so! The Paper & Type story: The inclination towards a paper venture began with my father, who opened print shop in Menlo Park and passed along typesetting skills (of all things). Fast forward through a move to Los Angeles, a bit of school, a degree in architecture and my first real job, to April 2008: when Paper & Type was conceived with a simple set of greeting cards and a custom wedding invitation for some marrying friends. I've been steadily building P&T ever since – expanding the range of projects, collaborating with fellow artists, and doing craft fairs in Los Angeles and San Francisco. In my other life: Currently I still work as an architect, part-time. While balancing both jobs hasn't always been easy, I do enjoy the parallels in the design processes of paper goods and buildings! Did you know... I simply can't follow the Design*Sponge blog.  It's got too much good stuff. I also go by... Victo, V or VV.

Crafty Recap: Monogrammed Doily Totebags

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(Crafty Hour happens each month at Modern Mouse from 5-7 PM on second Thursdays! Look out for the next one...come and craft with us!) The merry, merry month of May brought yet another successful Craft Night to Modern Mouse's backroom workspace! Taught by resident Mouse and assistant manager Christina Chen, the Monogrammed Doily Totebag workshop quickly filled up with excited crafters ready to doilify some plain old canvas totebags. We quickly got down to business, but first, there were snacks to be had. No Modern Mouse Craft Night would be complete without a tiered selection of tasty snacks, not to mention a variety of complimentary beverages! (Crafting and snacking: two great tastes that taste great together!) Yeah, this is how we roll. Christina, our fearless leader and beacon of light (she's practically glowing!) The little details of each doily turned out so nicely with the black fabric paint. It was hard to mess this project up unless you got a little paint-happy (once I was gently advised to use a leeetle less paint, my results improved considerably). Hard at work! Each bag came out better than the last; one attendee got ambitious and made three! I love the different styles. If you weren't able to make it this month, here's the tutorial we used; it's a great project to do at home (older kids can craft along too!), the supplies are inexpensive and it's pretty addictive once you get into the doily zone. Also, want to make sure you know the details of our upcoming events? Sign up for our newsletter or "like" the Modern Mouse Facebook page. We'd totally love to see you at the next Craft Night!

Front Page Representin’

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What what! Two of our favorite Modern Mouse artists, Bare Tree and Whimsy and Ink, got featured on Etsy's Front Page today! Excellent taste all around. Take a peek below; congrats, friends!

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