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Sometimes life is full of bumps on the road so it’s encouraging to know there is always someone who has your back. Why not show some love and encouragement to that someone with hoop art from Koco & Viking? Based in Pismo Beach, California, Jasmine Dexter creates meaningful hoop art with quotes such as, “Always remember you are loved” and “May my heart be kind, my spirit fierce, and my soul brave.” Now who wouldn’t feel all bubbly and heartfelt after that? We sure do. :) Thanks for spreading the love Jasmine!

Jasmine Dexter from Koco & Viking

Jasmine Dexter from Koco & Viking

Koco & Viking’s Business Story 
Koco & Viking is the perfect combination of playful and fierce! The company is comprised of a strong woman who values creativity and quality craftsmanship. Jasmine Dexter, owner, is an artisan and entrepreneur.

Jasmine kept the family tradition alive as she assisted her mom throughout her childhood. She adored the local craft shows her mother sold her creations at and shined not only as a fellow artisan, but also as a phenomenal salesperson! She began to incorporate her own designs at these shows and soon had others selling her goods for her. Jasmine was business savvy which would later come in handy with the launch of Koco & Viking. Before that milestone, though, she tested the waters by running an ebay business at age 12! She was already making items for her friends at school, so she figured that the rest of the world would love her creations as well!

Koco & Viking was born in 2007 (The name was a nod to beloved dogs, a loyal jack russell terrier and a sweet beagle! Both were loyal, spirited and had a love that was unconditional. Jasmine hopes to impart that spirit in all that she creates and does.). Her “hobby” grew into a part-time business and before she knew it she had every weekend booked solid as the demand for her products grew. Large events and boutiques were approaching her at record breaking speed and she found her items being sold in a number of retail locations.

Flash forward and Koco & Viking has relocated from Los Angeles to beautiful San Luis Obispo County. Jasmine and her husband made the move to care for their ailing grandpa and they’ve found great joy in the beauty of California’s central coast. Their new home offers them coast and country, surfers and cowboys, vineyards and hiking. Jasmine found a new artistic community to tap into while still remaining very active in Southern California’s artist events scene.

Jasmine founded the Maker Menagerie, a modern craft show featuring local artisans. When she moved to SLO she realized there was a need for this type of event. It would be great for the maker community and for SLO at large. She saw how events like these reinvigorated communities and inspired others to create similar events. Jasmine is quickly becoming a major proponent of the support of local artists.

Her creations continue to evolve as new inspirations strike. This company will never be stagnant! The support of her loyal customers is overwhelming and she prays she can continue to make things that brings happiness to everyone!

IMG_0281a1Jasmine’s Past Life
“You name it, I’ve done it! My favorite life was choreographing and teaching dance throughout California and internationally.”

IMG_0227a1Fun Facts about Jasmine
“My dream is take my business on the road! The husband and I want to live in a tiny house, hook it up to his truck, and live wherever our heart takes us! Sure, my studio would be on the roof but that’s just part of the fun.”

card-choose-joy-21Jasmine’s Other Aliases 
Jasmine’s childhood nickname is Jazzy!

Hoop, Always Remember you are Love


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