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Remember when stick figures were the big thing when you were young? Well, they’ve stuck around through the years and found themselves in the hands of Mitchell Joe of Hearts and All! Inspired by life experiences, his stick figure art is sure to charm the butt off of you, possibly leaving you giggling and smiling. Hey, sometimes the best things are the simplest, right? :] Hearts and All art is currently available as Framed Prints, cards, totes and mugs at the Mouse!

Mitchell Joe from Hearts and All

Mitchell Joe from Hearts and All

Hearts and All’s Story 
“I drew stick figures as a child and I’m not a naturally gifted drawer, so as an adult it made sense to stick with what I knew: stick figures. One day at work as a user experience designer (someone who makes things user-friendly), I drew a video concept for explaining our product. More than one of my co-workers mentioned that they liked my stick figures. This sort of baffled me. It felt like being complimented for the way you tied your shoes. Bizarre.

Then on a vacation in Mexico, I decided to fill up a small notepad with drawings. These stick figure drawings became the basis for a Kickstarter project. The first backer on Kickstarter was someone I didn’t know. He was a US soldier stationed in Afghanistan and sent a piece of art to his girlfriend at home. He told me that when she received it, she cried. That makes it worth doing.”

San FranciscoMitchell’s Past Life
• User experience designer
• Ph.D. student in philosophy
• Brief paid gigs as a poet
• bartender

Best Dad CardFun Facts
“Many of the drawings have stories behind them. The slide in “Be brave.” is a specific slide in Dolores Park, San Francisco, that I drew after spending the day with my friends and their adorable children. The cape drawing “Do your thing.” was for Robyn Rosenberger, an inspiring woman from Seattle who started TinySuperheroes to make capes for kids with special needs. Zach Sobiech inspired the drawing “I’ll miss your heart.” by the way that he lived as a high schooler with a rare form of terminal cancer. ”

Sunset HeartMitchell’s Other Aliases
“I used to live on Molokai in Hawaii and it is a very relaxing place. There is a sign as you arrive that says, ‘Aloha! Slow Down, this is Molokai.’ My mom noticed that it did have that relaxing effect on me and she and others have called me ‘Molokai Mitch’.”

Be Brave


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