Handmade Highlights: Things I Have Learned in 40 Years via Outlaw Soaps

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Outlaw Soaps’ Danielle & Russ are the definition of an awesome power couple. Everything about their brand is simply amazing, rad and…well, awesome! The specific awesomeness I’m referring to though isn’t just their brilliantly crafted soaps (lip balms, lotions, etc), its the realness that they let loose in their business. There are some folks that are completely different people when they’re not behind their business name, but Outlaw Soaps seems to be composed of a couple of grown-up outlaws going about their lives making us citizens amazing products to keep from smelling terrible. Their blog has a lot of fun content on it, this here being a prime example. Word to the wise though, they are known to not censor themselves like the adults they are (really gets the point across I think), so not all of the words read here are for the kiddos! Outlaw Soaps has an amazing collection of goods at the shop, so be sure to swing by the Bath&Body section to give ’em a whiff the next time you’re at the Mouse~

Now that I am a wise old person, my friend asked me to let him know “when I figured it all out.”
Here’s what I told him:
  • Life is too short to argue with shitty, small-minded people
  • Life is not long enough to spend time with all the really awesome people
  • Despite credit scores being totally bullshit, they are actually very important. No matter where you start, a good credit score is only 7 years and a lot of automatic bill payments away.
  • The IRS is a lot more patient and awesome than they get credit for
  • Get regular maintenance done on your car
  • It’s ok to let people and things go if they aren’t working for you, no matter how long of a history you have
  • A book/business/career/weight loss program is more about the tiny decisions every day than it is about any big decision. Commitment is a lie unless it’s a commitment applied consistently
  • Goals without routines are dreams, routines without goals are futile wastes of time
  • Even if you’re a mess 70% of the time (or 90%), people will usually forgive you if you’re a nice person (but credit agencies will not)
  • Other people are going to be a mess 70% (or 90%) of the time, and you can forgive them if they’re good people (but not if they’re assholes)
  • It probably really is just a cold
Things I Have Learned in 40 Years

Things I Have Learned in 40 Years – Outlaw Soaps.


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