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Straight out of our island of Alameda, Deborah Sullivan heats up the Winter with her lovely glass housewares! Each set of coasters has a design to tie the set together, but is in a range of colors. This is great for telling apart whose beverage is whose, which can be a serious issue in some households, hehe. Recently added to her beautiful collection are matching glass dishes to the Bee and Elephant Coaster Sets. Her handmade goods are simply a marvel to behold. Welcome to the Mouse family, Deborah!

Coasters, GG Bridge
Deborah’s Story
“I spent the last 20 years making large outdoor totem pole sculptures. They can be seen on my website. About a year ago, I decided to switch to glass. I design and make a line of glassware coasters, plates and platters. They are brightly colored and inspired by Pop Art. I have also paint very bright, but minimalist, abstract paintings using ink on paper.”
Coasters, Comic
“In my other life….”
“My other job is at BART. My husband, Charlie, teaches 5th grade at Otis Elementary and I have a teenage daughter. We have 3 cats and a dog.”
Coasters, Bee

Fun Facts
“Did you know that a kiln is used to form the glass and I heat the glass to 490 degrees?”

Don’t forget to check out Deborah’s totem pole sculptures and other glass goodies at her website:


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