Handmade Highlights: 2014 Year in Review by Kuro-Same Arts

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Still thinking about 2014? I don’t blame you. I think it is pretty natural to compare a lot of the new year’s happenings to the previous year, hence why Kuro-Same enjoys recapping the year’s activities to push forward towards the new year. Out with the old and in with the new, but with a thorough retrospective that helps us learn. 2014 was a big year for a lot of folks for sure, but progress doesn’t show more than in that of the indie art world. We’re always going through the “hustle and bustle” of life with much too much going on. Between our handmade tendencies, working livelihood and keeping up with real people, its a wonder we can all keep it together! Bid a final farewell to the previous year with Kuro-Same and think about how much is going to happen in 2015. Every year is the chance at something new!

Hello and Happy New Year! :)

With the hustle and bustle of the second half of the year behind me, its safe to say that I’m looking forward to the year that is ahead of us all. I’ve got a lot planned, but this post is about last year.

2014 was pretty big for Kuro-Same Arts on a number of levels, one of which being that I finally launched my Build-Your-Own Doctor Who Adventure Charm Bracelets at Modern Mouse in December. They were a big hit over the holidays and I’m super stoked to have them there for Mouse-going Whovians. This year, I’m hope to add more charms to mix of course, hopefully more episodes and enemies, since those have been most difficult to source. Stay tuned!


   Working backwards from December, 2014 also saw the biggest number of Wizards produced since their beginning in 2011, a total of 6 new series and 20 wizards! Plus, this is less celebratory, but I saw my first batch of Wizard thefts in the studio last year. Someone liked them enough to steal 3 of the little guys, lets just hope they’re in good homes. 

   I’m very excited to announce that I will be doing a Wizard: Guest Artist Series this year, collaborating with a number of other artists on the creation of Wizards! I’ve already got nearly two dozen amazing folks lined up to participate, including Artery PressCindy Gieng, Mary Rose Branchaud (owner of Starbaby Studio),Terry Furry and more! This project will start seeing results in the coming months~ 

Misc Wizard Collage

I was at Studio 23 for their 1st Anniversary art show, the 100 Under 100. Nearly two dozen wizards were at this show and though none sold, I found some great art for myself and made some new friends. Twas quite fun and I look forward to seeing what they do for their anniversary this year.


  Last year also saw the launch of #FreeArtToFind, a social media experiment primarily based on my Instagram account, where I left (for now just) ceramic pieces in urban areas and posted them online for others to find. These pieces are studio works that have been left behind, forgotten or discarded. I’ve glazed a number of them myself for experimentation.

   I also started #FreeArtToFind subsets like #PostcardFromKuro & #KuroSkull, ceramic postcards and clay impressions of my ring respectively. This project has been fun since its launch and I look forward to continuing it this year. 

A LOT of new jewelry and accessories found its way into Modern Mouse throughout the year, including Rings and Whovian Dapper Accessories.

Misc Blog Collage

   And just this year, I started offering Pocket Watches at Modern Mouse! Picture

   Thanks for dropping by and reading through, I’m hoping to keep things more updated on this blog, but if not, you can always find me on all the Social Media outlets below! :) Until next time, 

~ Kuro-Same ~

Email: kuro.same.arts@gmail.com

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