Sirona Springs at Modern Mouse!

21 October, 2009 0 comments Leave a comment

Is this thing edible? Oh. Well, can I eat it anyway? We hunted for days to find the perfect soapmakers to invite on board, and we were all suds and bubbles when we found Sirona Springs! Hailing from El Cerrito, California, Ruth is the miracle worker behind Sirona Springs who plays the role of both chemist and artist in developing soaps that look good, feel good and are handmade from only the finest ingredients.


Ruth’s Sirona Springs soaps make you feel clean all over just by looking at them, but we suppose she’d much prefer we actually used them. And we will! Once we decide which ones to choose. Will it be Honeycomb? Iced Oatmeal Cookie? Raspberry Cream? MORNING MOJITO?? We are going to smell good enough to eat. Thanks Sirona Springs, and welcome!


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