Artist Profile: Angelina Fong Designs

12 March, 2010 0 comments Leave a comment

Knitters and crafters rejoice – our days of carrying around awkward workbaskets are over! Armed with Angelina Fong’s eye-catching roll organizers, we can now have the satisfaction of feeling neat and pretty while we work. Time to pull that dusty half-finished scarf out of the closet…

Kimono Roll Organizer by Angelina Fong Designs

The Angelina Fong Designs Story
I started my business in April of 2009 and it actually came about more by accident than out of careful planning. I’d been making handmade items for myself and as gifts to friends and family for years. People always told me “you could totally sell this!”  but I always thought they were just being nice. To my surprise, around March of last year, I actually started to receive requests to buy my handmade items (mostly from coworkers and friends) and it just took off from there.

In my other life…
My past work experience is mainly in media.  I’ve worked in everything from newspaper to movies to radio. I currently work full time in digital marketing.

Did you know?
People used to make fun of me in college for knitting and crocheting, calling me a “grandma”. Then it became trendy. Go figure!

Angelina Fong - Foster City, CA


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