Treats for Easter Baskets!

30 March, 2010 0 comments Leave a comment

Still shopping for Easter basket-worthy goodies for the little boys and girls? How ’bout some that are a) lovingly hand-designed/crafted and b) won’t cause a sugar high? Here’s a little roundup:

Easter chicks by Parami Panda

Easter chicks by Parami Panda

Felt hair clips by The Pickled Pumpkin

Flower Power Swirl Necklaces by favmoongirl

1" pins by steppie

Do-It-Yourself Paper Robot Kits by PIPEROIDS

Robot in the City by Alexander Shen

Animal Ears Hat by Colette Kids

And hey, didja get invited to a potluck this Easter? Try surprising your host with one of these no-cook Easter meals!

Moody Toast Pillow by Wonder-Thunder

(Easter) Ham Plush Toy by Sweet Meats


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