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Ruth from Sirona Springs recently wrote an excellent post on the true meaning behind the expiration dates on her deliciously yummy soap creations! Read and rejoice!


Best Used By… YOU!

If you’ve ever purchased a Sirona Springs soap bar, you may have noticed that each bar has a “Best used by” date on the label. We include this as a reminder that handmade soap, by it’s nature, has a shorter shelf life than factory-made soap. No preservatives are added to our soap. And the factors that make handmade soap mild and moisturizing also make it more susceptible to oxidation.

Keep your cool
So, the date is there to remind you that you will need to take a bit of care with your soap bars. Store them in a cool, dry, dark place (like a bedroom closet). As convenient as it seems, bathrooms (with their moisture and warmth) are not a good place to store your handmade soap. Cool, dry soap is happy soap!

But there is no need to worry if your soap is reaching its “Best used by” date. It will not “spoil” and, in fact, is probably better than the day it was made! Like a fine wine or cheese, soap gets better with a little aging. Time will mellow the soap and allow it to get harder, helping it to last longer in the shower! I have some bars that are over three years old and still look great! (Yes, soapmakers often keep “mementos” of past batches. It’s part of the “addiction”. :) )

Sniff, sniff
What you may notice about an older bar is that the scent may be a bit fainter than in a fresher bar. This difference is usually less noticeable as you use the bar and “release” the fragrance. The action of wetting the bar and rubbing it will allow the fragrance to bloom and be released into the air more easily than when it is dry.

Oakmoss handmade soap

But what’s the main reason we include a “Best used by” date? We want you to use our soap! We’re thrilled that so many people say that our soap is too pretty to use. But, really, it’s OK. I’ll make more. Use it. Enjoy it. Shower twice a day, even! Because our soap is best used by YOU!


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