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I <3 Zombies. Bigfoot is my Daddy. Hapa. And the infamous: Meconium. These are a few of the delightful sayings we chuckle at when admiring Moonpath Designs‘ awfully cute onesies and Ts (Grown-ups, don’t stay jealous! We got your size too =)). Made by amazing duo Keoni and Carrie with love on 100% organic, fair-trade, and sweatshop-free Ts! Only the best for the babes!

Zombie T by Moonpath Designs

The Moonpath Designs Story
Keoni learned to do lino cuts from a fellow teacher, and he designed his first block for a t-shirt project we do every year as a part of our school-wide Beach Day field trip. We then printed two of his designs onto onesies for Luna, our daughter — and followed others’ advice about printing onto onesies (and, later, adult tees) to share the love. Now, we both enjoy designing, carving and printing onto super-soft tops for the whole fam…and sewing unique accessories.

In my other life…
We are both full-time teachers at a public, K-8 charter school — and our most important work is raising our energetic, perfect little girl. Carrie also moonlights as an improviser and improv coach for educators. Keoni is an avid musician…and rocks the homefront to allow Carrie to have her time on stage.

Did you know?
We love designing, carving, and doing block prints by hand — on sweatshop-free/fair-trade cotton, especially on organic fibers for little ones. We also love creating original stitched accessories (bibs and the like) using new and recycled fabrics. Any way to combine personality and craftiness makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I’ve also been known to answer to…
Keoni: Kid Stumpy, Wolverine, Mr. Yu, Daddy
Carrie: Ms. C, Mama

Carrie Caudle and Keoni Yu - Sonoma County, CA


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