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This week, we get to cyber-travel to Denver, Colorado and enter the whimsical world of cmh design by Cindi Miller Herleman!

what do you create?

some "ghoulies" by cmh design

My main focus is stuffed animals/plushies/softies – My Wee Ones and Liten Venns (which means small friends in Norwegian; I am ofNorwegian descent). I also make plush pillows, warm beanies – all of which are purchased by adults as well as for children! I make a few baby bibs and am just starting to make baby blankets.

A year ago I set a new standard for my business – from that day forward, everything I made would be completely original and my own designs. To sum it up – I deal in whimsy and warmth. And I am always looking for new projects because, apparently, I am easily bored.

where do your dreams become reality?

Cindi's home studio

My husband and I both have home-based businesses (he is an IT Consultant); so when were looking for a new home a couple of years ago, a priority was that it have enough work/office space for each of us. I am lucky to have a room all to myself (originally designed to be a bedroom) and two closets. And when things really get busy… my materials and products overflow into the guest room and part of my husband’s office, too!

Every day I say a little thank you to the Universe, because I really don’t know if I could be as productive as I am without this space. I’m blessed to have a beautiful, inspirational view of a State Park, a lake and the Rocky Mountains out my studio window as well.

outside the window: the Rocky Mountains

how do you keep your hideout organized?

labeled and color-coded boxes keep things neat!

I am BIG on baskets and clear storage boxes and I label everything! I also try to keep fabric in one place; notions grouped together in another, etc. – keeping things I use most in the forefront. I try as much as I can to color code things and keep the fabric in my fabric closet arranged by color so I know exactly what I have. I have a hard time throwing anything away so I use a lot of fabric remnants, and they are all kept in smaller clear storage boxes in the closet.

I keep my essential sewing tools – pin cushions, needles, pins, a variety of scissors, my sew-in labels, etc in a box on my work table at all times. I keep the thread and bobbins I use most often in a box on my sewing table; the others are kept on an organizer on my wall (color-coded, of course!).

I can’t live without…

I keep little note pads near me everywhere I am in the house, even on my bedside table; and when I’m out and about I use the Note App on my iPhone. You never know when an idea will strike and I get so many I forget half of them!

Of course I would be nowhere without my sewing machines. I have a 36 year old tank of a machine – a Singer, which is in need of some repair at the moment but is a good back-up machine. My main machine is a Janome which I bought a year ago.

this keeps me going and gets me inspired:

Simba, A-choo, and inspirational photos and words!

My two creative assistants – my dog, Simba and my cat, A-choo, spend most of their days with me in the studio ~ as evidenced by the cat bed, dog bed and jar of dog treats. They are wonderful company!

And I have to give a shout out to my wonderful, eclectic group of friends – many of whom are amazing photographers and their photographs surround me in my studio. They make me smile and I could not live without their inspiration, kindness, encouragement and humor! Most of all humor.

I have a lot of quotations hanging around in my studio as well. Swami Vivekananda really inspired me to start my business with a focus:

“Take up one idea. Make that idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success, which is the way great spiritual giants are produced.”

I am sure any creative person can relate to that!

in my dreams:

I am probably older than most designers, so I honestly think I have just about everything I could
ever want in a studio. It took many years to get here, but I love what I have ~ and am so lucky
to have it! If I changed anything, I might add a microwave for those early morning/late night
work sessions (I have a little refrigerator already). And I would add a big comfortable chair for
my husband so he could come and visit me when I’m meeting a deadline.

Oh, and maybe I would add an ocean next to those mountains outside my window.


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