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12 November, 2010 0 comments Leave a comment

This brief blog-visit to fiftyseven-thirtythree’s studio takes us to where the creators call “the beautiful urban decay of East Oakland industrial neighborhood.” Rather than creating an escape, fiftyseven-thirtythree stays real, raw, and connected to the community as they work in their studio. Thank you to Lo of fiftyseven-thirtythree for inviting us in!

what do you create?

Shirts and Hoodies by fiftyseven-thirtythree

My partner and I design, screen print, paint, applique t-shirts and hoodies.  Our designs are meant to create dialogues about the world we live in.  We feel as though it’s important to participate and talk about it.   We also chose to use waterbased inks, non-toxic paints and sweatshop free apparel.

where do your dreams become reality?

At dusk near the studio

Our studio at 5733 in East Oakland is big and industrial like the surrounding neighborhood.  It’s a live/work loft that’s about 2,000 sq. feet plus a garage for storage.  We also share the studio with our two cats Sid & Indah.   We also have a store which opened on May 1st, 2010 (on Piedmont Ave.) where we find Justin and Jane representing fiftyseven-thirtythree when I’m not there. Oh yeah and a screen printing studio around the corner from 5733 where Scott helps us print tees.

A cat sits in on the photoshoot

how do you keep your hideout organized?

Loretta folding shirts amongst the boxes

Man!  This is a very important part of the business that I am still working out.  Thank god I have a lot of space.  Unfortunately that means more to manage.

I can’t live without…

Peek into the printing process

A press, computer, lightspeed(my pos/inventory tracking system), ink, screens, blank tees & hoodies that are made in the USA and lots of them.

this keeps me going and gets me inspired…
Our receiver died this summer, but I like listening to NPR while I work.  That’s where we get our inspiration.

[in an interview given to hyphen magazine and quoted on their blog, fiftyseven-thirtythree further explains:]

Life, NPR, cinema, all the information that floats around out there. Ideas about achievement, society, perception and such. Some things just stick, they stay with us. We carry them around. The things that stick are what make us who we are. We’re just expressing who we are. We all write our own histories. Through emphasis and omission we create our identities. This is just us, being us.

in my dreams:

As I’ve mentioned, I have a store, studio, garage, and screen printing shop.  I think anything more would be greedy and ungrateful.


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