Writing Into the New Year!

18 January, 2011 0 comments Leave a comment

Maybe it’s because we just turned a year old 2 months ago, but time just seems to fly! Although it’s not quite the start of the new year anymore, it’s still January, so without further ado…some things to get your new year started right!

Planners: Keep track of those resolutions and more!

Clockwise from top left: Positive Dose Planner by bylee design; Perfect Mini Planner by Poketo; 2012 notes by MOCD; Annual Weekly Planner by Little Otsu

Whether you’re big-picture or into the details, we’ve got planners to fit your style and needs! For functional note-keeping along with space for dreams and goals, check out the Positive Dose Planner by bylee design. Need something to keep you on track at all times? Stick the Perfect Mini Planner by Poketo in your pocket! Chart your personal journey of 720 days from now (well…the 1st) until December of 2012 in 2012 notes by MOCD. And get an eclectic mix of fonts and spaces to churn your imagination with the Annual Weekly Planner by Little Otsu!

To-Do Notepads: Remember essentials with style!

To-Do Notepads by Little Otsu

Groceries, homework, random inspirations, what do you need to remember? Go ahead, take notes for yourself on these awesome to-do notepads by Little Otsu…and leave notes for your favorite friends too!

Notebooks & Journals: Treasure your thoughts!

From left to right: Pocket Notebook by girls can tell (Top); Project Keeper Pack by Scout Books (Bottom); Pocket Notebook and Cover by R&L; Here to There Journal by Rachel Austin

Fit your ideas in a compact space in a pocket notebook featuring original diagrams printed by girls can tell. Need to compartmentalize those thoughts some more? Get creative with the Project Keeper Pack by Scout Books. Treasure Moleskine-sized notebooks in a seriously cool and heavy-duty pocket notebook cover by R&L. Let Rachel Austin’s soothing, nature-inspired images help you stay introspective and thoughtful as you journal in her Here to There Journal.

Pens & Mugs: They can have flair too!

Pens and Mugs by Poketo

At home, school, work, or travel, cheerful pens and mugs by Poketo will keep you company! So go out and take on the new year!


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