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The whimiscal prints and plushies of Le Petit Elefant are so charming, they will undoubtedly transport you back to being a kid.  Genevieve Santos, the San Jose and Los Angeles based artist, injects her handcrafted objects with child-like wonder and a zest for the fantastic.  Out of Santos’  imagination tumbles plushy elephants, larger than life letters with eyes and teeth, and charming illustrations that hearken to the simpler times of youth.

2011 Calendar - Le Petit Elefant

The Le Petit Elefant Story

Once upon a time, I worked a 9-5 job in the film business, but nothing seemed to satisfy me more than genuine creativity. In a fortunate twist of events, I was laid off from my first and only day job. I took it as a sign to start my own business, Le Petit Elefant. Now I spend my days drawing, sewing & traveling.

In my other life…

I used to work in creative advertising at New Line Cinema right up until it was ‘merged’ with Warner Bros. Because of the job, I have a lot of knowledge and a nit-picky eye for design & detail especially in print. I also studied animation & communication at USC, which more or less has come in handy with my business.

Did you know?

I think most people turn to retail therapy in times of high stress. I do the same but it’s a little more ridiculous & impulsive–I buy plane tickets. I’m addicted to the nomadic lifestyle,  and just can’t stay in one place for more than six weeks.   Thus,  I’ve been all over the world, from San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City to Southeast Asia for 7 months. While traveling, I paint, sketch, and collect stories & various materials (like 30 yards of silk from Punjab, India) to use in my projects. Needless to say, I take full advantage of the fact that my work is portable and begs movement & adventure for inspiration.

I also started sewing to get over a guy. Who knew it would blossom into this!

I’ve also been known to answer to…

My family members call me Jenny. Others called me Veev, g-san, gyna & most commonly, Gen.

Genevieve Santos - San Jose/Los Angeles, CA


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