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We can all use a little inspiration from time to time. I wouldn’t mind being surrounded by helpful bits of knowledge and advice everywhere I go; a few choice words of wisdom can really make a difference in a day, don’t you think? Luckily, here at Modern Mouse, we’ve got oodles of Raw Art Letterpress prints and cards to keep us motivated and moving forward! Artist Colette Urquhart finds and distills the best quotes from the smartest, wittiest folks in history, from Maya Angelou to Winnie the Pooh, and prints ‘em up in her unmistakable style. Not only are the words insightful, but they’re colorful, bold, and way more fun to look at than your average Times New Roman font. Find out more about the wonderful Colette in her own words (and pictures):

The Raw Art Letterpress Story:

Raw Art Letterpress came into being on July 22, 2009 when I opened my Etsy shop (my older sister, Sue, from Lulu Bug Jewelry had a shop and I wanted to be just like her). In December 2010 my prints found their way to Modern Mouse (my sis’s stuff is here:)  and  I’m so glad to be part of the community!

the crafter herself (editor’s note: I want that vest!)

I started making prints in 2009 when I developed the “Raw Art Letterpress” process (I don’t follow directions well so I had to make something up!). I use various kinds of cardboard for my plates and I cut the letters from things like playing cards. I have about 700 plates and have hand-cut at least  70,000 letters and counting – good thing I didn’t see that coming when I started.

In my other life…

Making prints is my way-more-than full time job. I love what I do so it sure is nice that other people do too.  I work with my sister a lot – I use some of her animals and flowers in my prints and she makes some of my prints into silver charms. It’s kinda like being kids and coloring together only we get along better now (mostly).

Did you know…

I come from a long line of crafters – my grandma just turned 100 and she is still busy making things!

I also go by…

My most-used nickname is “Bee,” named such due to my busy-ness.


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