Re-blog: DIY Zip Pouch with Angelina Fong Designs

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We are without a doubt enamored with Angelina Fong’s lovely zip pouches and kimono roll organizers…life is so much better with some elegant organization solutions for our necessary odds and ends. And now, we’re all in luck because Angelina has blogged her very own DIY tutorial on how to make a zip pouch!

If you’re like us, you always have some favorite fabric saved away for just a project such as this…and a very satisfactory zip pouch is guaranteed at the end of your labors! Before checking out the following tutorial, you might also want a refresh on how to install a zipper. Thank you, Angelina, for being such a great handmade resource! The following tutorial has been re-blogged from Angelina’s website – make sure you check it out for all things Angelina Fong Designs!

DIY: How to Make a Zip Pouch Tutorial

Now that we’ve gone over how to install a zipper in the DIY: How to Install a Zipper Tutorial, I thought we’d take it a step further and show you how to create a zip pouch. For this tutorial, we’ll be creating a 4.5″wide x 5″long zip pouch, but you can follow the same steps to create any size pouch you’d like.

- Two 6″x5.5″ pieces of fabric that will be for the outside of the pouch.
- Two 6″x5.5″ pieces of fabric that will be for the inside lining.
- One 6″ zipper. (Again, remember that the zipper should be at least the same length as your fabric or longer).

1. We’ll start with the right side. Place one of the lining panels right side up and line the right side of the zipper along the right edge of the fabric.

2. Place the outside fabric face down on top of the zipper along the right edge of the lining and zipper. Pin all 3 pieces together.

3. With your zipper foot attached, stitch the 3 pieces together (lining, zipper, outside) 1/4″ from the right edge.

4. Open up the lining panel, keeping the outside fabric panel face down over the top of the zipper.

5. Stitch the outside fabric panel to the zipper once again, this time as close to the zipper teeth as possible.

6. Your completed right side will look something like this from the front.

And here’s how it will look from the back.

7. Repeat steps 1 & 2 on the left side, pinning the lining and outside piece to the zipper.

8. Again, stitch all 3 pieces together 1/4″ from the left side edge.

9. Open up the lining and stitch the outside piece to the left side of the zipper as close to the zipper teeth as possible, just as you did on the right side.

10. You’ve now successfully stitched both outside and both lining pieces of fabric to the zipper.

11. Open the zipper about halfway down.

12. Open up all pieces so that the two outside panels are facing each other and the two lining panels are facing each other.

13. Pin these pieces together with the right side facing inwards.

14. Stitch both the left and right sides of the pieces 1/2″ from the edge. Also stich along the bottom of the outside panels and only halfway across the bottom of the lining pieces so that there remains an opening to flip the entire piece right-side out.

15. Your pouch should look a bit like an inside out pillow case at this point.

16. Flip your pouch so that everything is right-side out and pull the lining out so that we can now stitch the bottom of it up.

17. Stitch up the bottom of the lining as close to the edge as possible.

18. Your inside lining will look a bit like this once stitched up.

19. Push the lining inside the pouch.

20. And there you have it! Your completed zip pouch!


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