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We’re enchanted by the perfectly printed designs from PaperWheel Press! Designer Elizabeth Weil is another of the multi-talented folks that we’re proud to know;  her current labor of love is PaperWheel’s fantastic card line. Combining old-school letterpress skills with hilariously geeky commentary, PaperWheel cards are ideal for the person who might check their email thirty times a day (sometimes you gotta, man!), but still knows how to keep it real. You can follow Elizabeth’s inky Tweets at @paperwheel, and you can find her cards adorning the shelves right here at Modern Mouse.

The Paperwheel Press story:

Paperwheel Press is a letterpress print studio nestled in the green hills of Portola Valley, California.  Elizabeth Weil, the founder, has combined her passions for hand-crafted tactile letterpress printing and the lasting art of snail mail to create simple yet impactful greeting cards and extraordinary custom designs.

Paperwheel Press lets Elizabeth express her creative and entrepreneurial spirit she honed during years working in the Silicon Valley at three start ups and in venture capital. Elizabeth’s focus on the things that make her smile has led to the the completion of more than twenty ultramarathons and to the creation of Paperwheel Press.  You might catch Elizabeth out running a trail covered in mud or home in fuzzy slippers happily cooking and planning the next memorable dinner party.  Paperwheel Press is a reflection of the little things that make up Elizabeth.

In my other life…

  • Undergraduate degree in Economics and Masters in Engineering from Stanford University.  Spent the last 5 years in Venture Capital.  Blah.  :)
  • Current day job: Head of Culture and Internal Marketing at twitter.
  • Paperwheel Press, by night, by weekend, by love, and by exhaustion.  :)

Did you know…

  • My Chandler and Price letterpress is a 1923 model.  I call him “Roflcopter.”  Not sure why, I just like to say the word.
  • I hand mix all of my ink.  I love the feeling of mixing, inking the press, and then having the impression come out as a MOST-PERFECT match to the envelope or color I am trying to coordinate with.
  • On the cold days in my letterpress studio, I wear a knitted ski hat with a fuzzy ball on the top.

I also go by…

Wibbis.  When I was just starting to speak as a baby, I couldn’t pronounce “Elizabeth,” so I called myself “Eeeee-Wibbis.”  So now my husband calls me Wibbis.  :) I have finally gotten rid of the Elizabeth nickname my sister, Heather, tortured me with: “Lizard-Breath.”


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