Is it Halloween Yet?

02 October, 2011 0 comments Leave a comment

It’s almost Halloween! Well, we’ve got 29 days left. But from what I’ve been seeing all over the Bay Area, people are more than ready to get dressed up and pig out on candy. There are already pumpkins everywhere, and those pop-up costume shops are in full effect! I love Halloween, but I also really love October and the cozy weather, fall leaves, and pumpkin spice lattes that the month brings. I’m a sucker for the changing of seasons.

I wanted to share a fun tutorial that I put together this week; a Halloween Yarn Wreath to celebrate fall times. It’s a really easy October craft that can be as Halloween-y as you want it to be! If you know how to wrap yarn around a styrofoam circle, you’re already one step ahead.

Drakeula by CMH Designs

We’ve also got some spooky buddies here in the shop that would love to come home with you and help get you in the holiday mood, and you should absolutely stop by and see our front table all Halloweened out! What’s your favorite thing about October?


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