Artist Profile: Unicorn Crafts

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Cute has a new name, and it’s Faheema Chaudhury. Her delightful company, Unicorn Crafts, features a cast of charming  shrink-plastic characters that include dinosaurs, narwhals, Frankenstein monsters, and, of course, unicorns. Based in Northridge, CA, Faheema creates hilarious conversation pieces that are also totally wearable (and adorable!). For example, did you know that real French toast wears a beret? That’s right. Here are some fun deets on the artist that’s making magic with her toaster oven (’cause you gotta bake the shrink plastic, you see!):

"If you look at my work and don't get a cavity from how cute it is, I didn't do my job." -Faheema Chaudhury

The Unicorn Crafts Story:

I studied art in college and worked with and around artists for 4 and a half years in the Bay Area. After moving back to LA in 2010, I started UNICORN CRAFTS. I give the 1970′s Shrinky Dink a modern spin, designing the pieces in Photoshop and Illustrator. The designs are then printed (or in some cases drawn onto) the special paper, meticulously cut and then baked. After coming out the oven, they take their form as earrings, necklaces, rings, pins and barrettes.

One of nature's most special friends, the narwhal!

I love making jewelry that blurs the age line. Who says you have to be a certain age to be a kid at heart?

In my other life…

Before moving back to LA I worked on the UC Berkeley campus educating students and community members about the art of Black and White Photography.

Did you know…

I have a massive sweet tooth! Rainbows make me happier than you can imagine.

We’re not out of these adorable candy corn earrings yet, but don’t dawdle; come on down and satisfy your own sweet tooth with Unicorn Crafts’ calorie-free treats!


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