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Philly-based designer Sara Selepouchin’s girls can tell line has been with Modern Mouse from the very beginning. We absolutely adore her clever diagrams gracing useful goods! We’re also big fans of her meticulous process and her inspiring blog featuring studio news, yummy eats & drinks and exciting life happenings. When we got word that Sara opened a new “work | shop”, we just HAD to get a peek!

Where’s your *new* studio located?
My studio is located in a little storefront just off Passyunk Ave in South Philadelphia. It’s a great little spot, near so many excellent restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, salons + one fabulous gelato cafe.

welcome to the studio of girls can tell!

Those balloons look mighty inviting. What is it that you create?
I create illustrations – I diagram all the bits + pieces of the everyday things around us, to make common objects seem just a little more fun. Then I print these illustrations onto useful things. I’m told they make great gifts. ; )

diagrams + housewares = awesome!

They sure do make the best gifts! Where do your dreams become reality? Tell us more about your workspace.
Oh, my! I feel like I’ve surpassed every dream I ever had in terms of a space to work. The girls can tell work|shop is half working studio / shipping station / print table / office + half display space / retail shop. It’s got a beautiful original, ornate tin ceiling complete with griffins + enough storage to really grow girls can tell into everything I could ever want it to be.

view of the girls can tell super-studio!

Looks like a great space for creative flow! How do you keep it all organized?
I have a full basement with lots of industrial steel storage shelves! Up in the finished space I also have a lot of table surfaces to keep piles of things organized on, as well as lots of shelves + mason jars to keep things in their place.

shelves, jars, and tables keep it clean!

The mason jars are pretty adorable. What tools and materials can you simply not live without?

My cutting mat + I go way back – I bought it my first year in Architecture school + spent many long nights with it + an exacto building models. Now I use it to cut every felt coaster I sell on. My favorite material to work with is probably the industrial felt, though I have been told I’m something of a floursack towel snob.

Ah yes, a good cutting mat goes a long way. What keeps you going and gets you inspired?
Sometimes I realize I’ve been happily working in silence for a few hours. When I have a long, repetitive task ahead of me, I usually set myself up with a documentary of some sort to occupy my mind to make sure I don’t get sidetracked from my project.

That sounds like good food for thought…What’s in the works?
I’ve been working hard to make sure my holiday designs are ready in time for the full shopping season. After a several month hiatus from introducing new designs, I’m thrilled to have a few new diagrams for this fall. There are also some projects I’ve been incredibly lucky to get to work on outside of my line – custom orders + things – that have been so much fun. It’s been a busy few months!

handmade & ready to take on the holidays!

Hooray for the holidays and thanks for showing your studio, Sara!

Come by the store and check out old favorites and new designs by girls can tell. You’ll be sure to find the perfect diagram just for you!


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