Paint Chip Masterpieces

22 November, 2011 0 comments Leave a comment

(Crafty Hour happens each month at Modern Mouse from 5-7 PM on second Thursdays! Look out for the next one…come and craft with us!)

We had another excellent craft night last week at Modern Mouse; making glorious pieces of art from blank canvases and paint chips! The project was nice and messy, which is always a good sign, and everyone’s creativity was in full gear. We were honored to have some out-of-state visitors as well as a great Bay Area crew! Everyone brought a handful of paint chips, which was enough to go around, and after a lot of plotting and planning, the gluing began. There’s something awfully soothing about cutting and pasting, ya know?

Planning the finished product!

If you’d like to give the project a try at home, here’s a tutorial that should be helpful!

Hard at work!

We always seem to have just enough room for everyone. Magical!

Autumnal work in progress!

 The color combinations were out of sight!

It’s been a great year of craft nights and we look forward to many more! As always, you can get updates and details (as well as offer your own crafty suggestions!) on the Modern Mouse Facebook page. Woo-hoo!


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