Crafty Hour Recap: Yarn-Wrapped Adventures!

17 January, 2012 0 comments Leave a comment

Another Crafty Hour for the books! They just keep getting better and better; now we just need to turn our “craft room” into one of those tents from Harry Potter that magically hold hundreds of people. This month we were inspired by San Francisco-based Yellow Owl Workshop’s great guide to hand-printing, Print Workshop. Designer Christine Schmidt created so many simple and satisfying projects, we just had to try one.

Armed with wooden blocks, a selection of differently-textured yarns, and tons of color options, we set out to make some stamps (and some discoveries)!

The bigger the mess, the better the craft!

Once we got stamping, the ideas flowed. Some folks preferred the unpredictability of paint, while others appreciated the stable stamp pad.

Experimentation = key!

 This is serious business.

It’s always exciting to see a little instruction go a long way; with one simple technique, we made all sorts of great stuff: stationery, bookmarks, placemats, and frame-able pieces of art! Plus, a few inspired attendees are already plotting their fabric-printing adventures. Nice.

The smile of a satisfied crafter!

And of course, we just have to show off the snacks made by Alameda High’s Sweets and Treats Club. Yes, they were still warm. Thanks to everyone who attended; we had a fantastic time!

Coming up next month: Embroidered Candy Hearts! More details soon.


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