Show Your Studio: Tomoko Maruyama

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Our latest virtual visit of an artist’s studio features the Bay’s beloved Tomoko Maruyama! Tomoko describes her style as evoking “feelings of warmth, peace, and happiness.” We definitely agree – you can’t help but smile when looking at Tomoko’s depictions of the Golden Gate Bridge and other iconic landmarks and features of San Francisco! Tomoko makes it easy to spread the joy by offering a variety of products, including totes, tees, magnets, and stationery. And of course, her beautiful, affordable 11×14 prints are perfect works of art for any room.

A bit more about Tomoko: Before becoming a designer, she was a sports teacher for children and seniors in Tokyo. After a few years of teaching, she made a significant career change and pursued her dream as a designer! What an amazing story.

Where’s your studio located?
My studio is located in the Berkeley hills. I have a patio from which I have a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, SF downtown and Berkeley.

Dreamy view from Tomoko's home studio in the Berkeley hills

That view is gorgeous! What is it that you create?
I design San Francisco art which I use with my greeting card line, calendar, T-shirt, tote bag and other goods. 

 [Note: Tomoko also has extensive experience in the design of corporate products such as logos, marketing brochures, package design and business cards. I think she was being modest for our interview!]

Tomoko at Renegade Craft Fair with her "Colors of San Francisco" line!

Your artwork’s so cheerful and inspiring. Where do your dreams become reality? Tell us more about your workspace.
I have my desk next to a big window in my studio. From my desk, I have a nice view of my garden and I can see some nature through the window.

A view of nature is essential to Tomoko's workspace

That’s a very serene desk and view. What tools and materials can you simply not live without?

I am always with my sketch book wherever I go. Sometimes, I want a change into a fresh environment so I often like to sketch in a cafe or in a park.

A beautiful day to sit by the bridge and sketch away!

Taking your work outdoors is a great idea! What keeps you going and gets you inspired?

I make my environment very quiet. This way I can concentrate on my design.

That concentration definitely pays off! What’s in the works?

I just finished designing my 2013 San Francisco Calendar. I am now working on a project I was eager to start for a while which is designing a children’s book about San Francisco! It makes me very excited and I enjoy everything about my work.

Wow, a children’s book sounds like a perfectly fun project! Good luck, and thanks for showing your studio, Tomoko!

Tomoko Maruyama’s products are perfect for the spring season that’s just around the corner. Come by the store to see her delightful goods for yourself, or visit our online shop!


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