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12 February, 2012 0 comments Leave a comment

We’re welcoming a few new friends to Modern Mouse this week: Antioch’s Austin Gifford, aka Le Nerdstradmus, and his plush posse.  Ever hoped you could end your day by snuggling up with a character from Evil Dead or The Royal Tenenbaums? You are now in luck. These guys are great for squeezing or displaying on your shelves, however you roll. And Austin doesn’t just sew softies, he gives them life! Each character comes with a detailed story, including Scully the skeleton. After a tragic accident that left him in his current state, “Skully still teaches high school, using his new lack of skin to improve his English classes, teaching them irony, tragedy, and comedy. He also moonlights as the skeleton at the local community college.” Nice! Here’s some more info about Le Nerd:

Skully is unstoppable!

The Story of Le Nerdstradamus:

I started designing so I could have unique and quirky things that I am proud to claim as my design, and that others can be proud to own.

I’ve been crafting for as long as I can remember, doing simple things like God’s eyes and decoupaging stuff in my room. Recently, since about 2004, I have been more serious about developing my skill set, especially in the areas of knitting, sewing, and graphic design. Most of my knowledge base I picked up from my grandparents, including crochet, knitting, needlepoint, paper craft, sketching, just to name a few.

My patterns are designed and crafted by me, mostly in my living room surrounded by my four cats and my wife. My inspirations for them come from a variety of places, including my favorite music, movies, and books.

In my other life…

I am a student, taking classes at a local community college and working on a major in mathematics. I am also thinking about moving into a minor in computer sciences. I have a full time job that helps me to provide for my wife and my four cats. I am also an avid reader (when I can find the time), and my favorite authors right now are Garrison Keillor, Alan Moore and Christopher Moore. Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing is what resparked my interest in comic books and graphic novels, so naturally I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Tennis failure and pigeon keeper Richie Tenenbaum.

Did you know?

I come from a family of three brothers and one sister, with two of my brothers measuring over 6’5” (I’m 6’6”). My sister and oldest brothers all have their own projects as well. John paints and has a blog, Atticus writes iPhone and iPad apps, and Vanessa weaves her own fabric, and uses it in her self-made patterns (Check out her earmuffs. They’ve kept me and my wife warm at many a San Francisco Giants game. She also sells at Modern Mouse! ). (editor’s note: Vanessa is BunnyMilkshake Concoctions, and she’s awesome!)

This is not a teddy bear.

Thanks, Austin! We’re happy to have these soft companions to keep us company; come meet them and maybe take home a buddy for yourself!


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