Re-blog: Clink Tattoo. Say whaaaaaaat??!

01 March, 2012 0 comments Leave a comment

MM artist Genevieve Santos, aka Le Petit Elefant, recently got some extra-awesome love from a fan of her “Clink” illustration…in the form of a tattoo!

The original "Clink" illustration

Ooh, ahh, and aww as you read this clipping from her blog:


I’m so excited and flattered I had to share this:

Hi Genevieve, 
I wanted you to know that I absolutely ADORE this sketch. It reminds me so much of my eldest boy and my youngest girl. Some may see a boy/girl crush, but I see a little sister in sibling-love with her older brother. I love it so very much that I altered it a bit to make it look more sibling-esque and had it tattooed on my arm! I wanted to share this with you.

Read the original post on the Le Petit Elefant blog.


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