Artist Profile: New Leaf Extracts

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New Leaf Extracts is an Oakland-based bath & body line created by herbalist Amy Daniel. New Leaf Extract products use fresh, local and sustainable herbs, quality oil, and ethically harvested salts and clays. Best of all, they are created by hand so that the integrity of each batch is guaranteed. With scents like “Revive” and “Relax,” we are sure our lives will be positively energized by indulging in these bath salts and body oils. Amy also created an effective natural salve, “Boo Boo Balm,” that we’ll gladly use to soothe scratches.

Natural Balm and Body Oils by New Leaf Extracts

The New Leaf Extracts Story:

“I started New Leaf with the desire to share my knowledge of the powerful healing benefits of plants. After the births of my two daughters, I became determined to find natural remedies to treat them when they were sick or hurt. Frustrated by over-the-counter solutions, I began to study herbalism so that I could make my own remedies that were chemical and preservative free. The result was products that were simple, safe and effective and based entirely on the rich medicinal properties found in plants and flowers.”

Bath Salts by New Leaf Extracts

In Her Other Life…

“In my other life I am a book designer and art director. I have worked in magazine and book publishing for the past twenty years. Employers include Simon & Schuster in New York and Sunset Publishing of Menlo Park, California. I also volunteer as art teacher for my daughter’s third grade class.”

Did You Know?

Founder of New Leaf Extracts, Amy Daniel

“My first job out of college was in New York City . I once worked for the Girl Scouts of the United States and had to wear a uniform to important meetings! One of my favorite herbs is the California Poppy because it’s pretty and helps me sleep!”

She Also Goes By…

“I am often called ‘Mommy.’”


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