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What in carnation?! We’re excited to announce our fresh new artist who combines her love of nature and crafts together to form beautiful creations, like felted flowers. Vivian Truong of Fiber Florist, is based in Oakland, California and has created an amazingly realistic line of crafted flowers, bouquets, and little plants out of eco-friendly materials, like felt and wire — you can’t even tell they aren’t the real deal!  She’s even creating a line of all the state flowers. Welcome, Vivian! We’re so excited to have your amazing work in the store!
Vivian Truong of Fiber Florist

Vivian Truong of Fiber Florist

The Fiber Florist business story
Growing up with her Japanese grandmother, Vivian, owner and designer of Fiber Florist started with crafts and gardening at a young age. It only made sense that she would combine her two passions: nature and crafts into her career. She keeps a conscious note to use environmentally friendly materials like felt and recycled fibers in creating her plants.

Amazing Chinese Peonies - so realistic!

Amazing Chinese Peonies – so realistic!

In my other life…

I teach my neighborhood’s kids eco-friendly art projects. It’s wonderful to see their creativity shine at that age, they’re so unconfined by any notion to impress, that they make beautiful art.

Did you know…?

She makes a new flower every week on her blog
Currently she is creating a series on all the state flowers.


They also call me…
Viv, Vivi, Viv Savage, Vivatron


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