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There are very few people who can manage a business, design and create jewelry, balance a law career, and travel extensively; however, for Oaklander Gabrielle Lessard, she has proven she’s a jack of all trades. Gabrielle, of gabrielle | made jewelry, creates beautifully intricate pieces of jewelry & accessories while balancing (what seems to be) a million things at once. If you want to learn more about this amazing entrepreneur/jewelry designer/law professional/wanderlust-er, then keep reading!



The gabrielle |made jewelry story
“I’ve always loved handcrafted jewelry. I started taking classes at the Crucible and realized I could make it as well as wear it! I started selling my work to pay for supplies and it just sort of gradually became a business. I’m still learning all the time.”

In my other life…

“I do legal and consulting work for non-profit organizations. My clients are amazing people doing extraordinary work!”

Did you know…?

“I trace my love for melting metal to my fascination with the steel mills I visited in my first ‘real” job.”

Also known as…

“As a high school track star I was sometimes called “Gabbit the Rabbit.” That was a very long time ago.”


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