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Today I have the privilege and honor to introduce one of the worlds most amazingly silly card designer, painter, musician, and artist extraordinaire! She’s an iconoclastic genius who manages to balance her art with being a student, working at the most wonderful store in the world, helping various charity organizations, all while trying to save the world. Whew, it sure is hard to talk about the coolest person when the person is yourself! Allow me to introduce my weird self. Here goes nothing…

Kelly Law, of Alameda, California has always had a passion for art, making people smile, and all things nerdy. She created a line of various greeting cards to send and share smiles (because text messages are not tangible and as smile provoking). Often, she draws inspiration from the funny things her peers say, as well as the random things she thinks about throughout the day. Have I intrigued you yet? If so, keep reading for more tidbits on me, myself, and KJLaw Arts.

Kelly Law, creative mastermind at KJLaw Arts

Kelly Law, the “KJLaw” in KJLaw Arts

The KJLaw Arts story
Growing up as an only child, I was forced to keep myself busy. I tried everything from ballet, violin, to basketball, but somehow the only thing that stuck was my passion for art (and helping others). I was also blessed with parents who encouraged my art (and even allowed me to take private art classes with a wonderful local artist). I drew, painted, and made things for relaxation, for fun, and to entertain myself.  Essentially, I started KJLaw Arts out of boredom — I wanted to make people smile; and what greeting card doesn’t brighten your day?

"Punny" Birthday Cards by Kelly

“Punny” Birthday Cards by Kelly

In my other life…
I helped patients at a hospital, answered phones as an Information and Referral Specialist, helped advocate for victims of human trafficking, and worked at the Mouse, all while having my nose in various public health textbooks at UC Irvine.

Where's Waldo? With her cards at the Mouse, of course!

Where’s Waldo? With her cards at the Mouse, of course!

Did you know..?
I received an Associates Degree the day before I graduated from high school. I like to doodle/draw pictures of my professors in my lecture notes. I’m really bad at using scissors and drawing straight lines. I like puns and nerdy pick up lines. I only wear colorful socks. Oh, I’m a huge 49ers fan (:

"Hoods of Alameda" Note Card by KJLaw Arts

“Hoods of Alameda” Note Card by KJLaw Arts

Also known as…
I respond to anything and everything, but mostly: Kel, Kellina, Silly Pig, Smelly Kelly, Kellawgs, and if I were a fail rapper, I’d be “Fresh Young Coconut Juice” (YoCo for short).

Alameda Love Cards


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